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Prerequisites for New Mexico Land Surveyor Stamps

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New Mexico Land Surveyor Stamps

If you meet the requirements for earning a New Mexico land surveyor stamp and you've had your license number issued, you will want to purchase a professional stamp or seal that will be made to meet the standards of the board. However, it’s a good idea to know those requirements and which seal type will be the best fit for you, along with how you’re supposed to use it. Let’s start there.

Using Your New Mexico Land Surveyor Stamp

You have some options when it comes to applying for your New Mexico land surveyor stamp. You can do so with a professional surveyors rubber type stamp, as an embossing seal (an impression type seal), or via an electronically-generated image (computer-generated seals). If you choose a computer-generated facsimile, it has to be a bona fide copy of the approved version. Do not attempt to modify it at all. The version you choose will affect how you apply it.

New Mexico Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

No matter how you apply your New Mexico land surveyor stamp, it’s going to need to look a specific way. First, the professional surveyor stamp should have an outer ring diameter of 1-1/2". There are then two concentric circles inside the stamp. The first one needs to be 1” with the one inside of that being 1/2" (one-half inch) in diameter.

Between the middle ring and the perimeter, at the bottom, your New Mexico land surveyor stamp should read according to the current surveying practice act, “Professional Surveyor.” Across the top will be your full name.

Then, between the innermost ring and the middle one, your stamp will simply say, “New Mexico” along the top. There is nothing at the bottom of this ring.

Finally, in the center of the middle circle is the license number that you were given by the board. The stamp and seal for a professional surveyor look much like the stamp for professional engineers with some modifications. Don't forget to double-check your license number to make sure it matches what the New Mexico board office gave you.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of applying for a New Mexico land surveyor stamp, you’re probably ready to get to work the moment you receive it. However, before you do, just double-check that all of the above is present so you know yours is legitimate and meets the state board requirements.



Professional Surveyor Rubber Stamp Options

There are so many professional surveyor stamp options to choose from but here is a quick breakdown of the differences between rubber stamps, self-inking stamps, and pre-inked stamps.

Regular Rubber Stamps

Our regular rubber stamp seal is the most economical choice. It's a traditional wooden hand stamp and does require the use of a felt or cloth rubber stamp pad. Whether you need to stamp on Mylar or not, this is the best stamp for using quick dry ink. It has crisp laser engraving that will provide an elegant design with precision so your message stands out loud and proud!

Professional Land Surveyor Self-Inking Stamp

The Land Surveyor stamp is a self-inking stamp that is available in 11 ink colors with black being the most common. The Land Surveyor stamp is good for repetitive stamping and is simple to use. The New Mexico Land Surveyor stamp works in a press and print manner and is good for up to about 5000 impressions before reinking is needed.

Pre Inked Stamps

New Mexico Land Surveyor stamps are also backed by our state board guarantee and are the most portable stamp we offer. They are made to state specifications from the board and come in 5 ink colors. They work in a press and print manner and are simple to use. There is no ink pad to replace, die-plate absorbs ink. They are quiet and clean stamping. Our premium high-end stamp is top-of-the-line.

We do offer a guarantee that our seals will meet your state specifications. You will also receive a complimentary e-seal which is sent to you in email as tif, jpg, pdf, and dxf files. ESS is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services possible, and we hope that you will allow us to serve you.

Electronic Seals

New Mexico Land Surveyors are now able to purchase their stamp electronically! This means that you will receive your New Mexico Land Surveyor stamp in 6 different file formats including DXF, DWG, PDF, JPG, TIF, and PNG (Transparent Background). The default color is black but additional colors are available in Red, Blue, or Green.

You will receive your New Mexico Land Surveyor stamp via email within 1 business day. The New Mexico Land Surveyor stamp is perfect for Electronic Sealing and has a 300 dpi resolution which is perfect for printing. Please note that this is an electronic product and not a physical product.

Handheld Embossing Seal

New Mexico Land Surveyors are now able to purchase their state-specified stamp easily, and with the added convenience of portability. The handheld embosser comes with a two-year warranty, reaches 1.5 inches into the page, and leaves a crisp, clear seal embossed impression- meeting all New Mexico State Board specifications. Additionally, it is the most economical choice and comes with complimentary eSeals that will be sent to you via email after purchase. Finally, this New Mexico Land Surveyor stamp is easy to store and carry- perfect for busy surveyors on the go! Order yours today to use for all of your professional documents.

Professional Engineers and Other Seals

If you are looking for something more than New Mexico land surveyor seals, we have a wide variety of seals for professional engineers and even notary stamps. Each professional seal is made to that stamp state board standards and made with the design approved. We will have something for everyone. So if your firm performs services outside of New Mexico or has multiple licensees, we make seals based on current rules for each profession in all states.

About ESS

Professional seal requirements are evolving, and ESS is a trusted USA vendor and leader in the industry with knowledgeable professionals who provide a fast service that meets your needs. We have been a lead retailer with prompt service supplying land surveyors, architects, and professional engineers across the nation! Shop online today for competitive prices and quick service on high-quality products from top brands such as Maxlight, Slim and Trodat directly delivered right into your hands quickly and precisely with orders shipping out the same day or the next day.

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