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If you're a professional engineer in Pennsylvania, then you know how important it is to have your seal. But do you know why? In this post, we'll take a look at the reasons why having your seal is so important and what benefits it can provide for you. We'll also discuss the process of getting your seal and what to expect. So if you're interested in learning more about Pennsylvania engineer seals, keep reading!

When Should I Use My Pennsylvania PE Stamp?

The Pennsylvania engineer seal is a state requirement, one which should be used in all situations warranted by Pennsylvania state regulations for engineers. The seal should function for any written or graphic communication or documentation as the final mark. Final documents or documents that contain calculations, express professional opinions, or provide instructions based on professional judgment should contain the seal. The seal should also be affixed to sketches, drawings, specifications, or change notices for site instruction. Reports that offer technical information or contain engineer directions to a user should be signed by the engineer and sealed. When applied, the Pennsylvania professional engineer rubber stamp must have the name of the registrant and the registration number (or license number) clear and legible at all times. This stamp is obtained at the registrant's personal expense.

Official Board Authorized Seals

As an engineer, it is incumbent upon you to decide to which documents the official Pennsylvania engineer stamp must be affixed in accordance with the state registration board. When and how the board-authorized seals should be used is contingent upon the individual and engineers are not obligated to respond to any instructions or requests to place their seal on documents from other parties, including documents from clients. Engineers, and engineers alone, are responsible for deciding which documents require an official seal.

When Do I Require A New Registered Professional Engineer Seal?

If a Pennsylvania engineer’s embossing stamp becomes lost or goes missing, it must be reported to the appropriate board for professional engineers and a new registered professional engineer stamp should be purchased within the same business day. In the event of a legal name change the old engineering seal must be destroyed and a new engineering seal purchased. Many of the seals may come with expiration dates and once that date has passed, the same holds true: the old seal or rubber stamp must be destroyed and a new one purchased. It is important to keep access to the Pennsylvania engineer’s embossing stamp limited to yourself and anyone working under your supervision. The purpose of this seal is to adhere to state standards and to properly mark all necessary documentation but if the Pennsylvania engineer’s embossing stamp is misused it can lead to unauthorized actions or documentation.

What Will The Pennsylvania Professional Engineer Stamp Look Like?

The guidelines for the state registration board for professional engineers shows that the Pennsylvania engineer’s embossing stamp is to be 1-¾" in diameter. The diameter of the seal can be reduced to 1-½" for the rubber stamp version if the same relative proportions within the design remains the same when the image is transferred. The seal for this state requires the legend of “Registered Professional Engineer” or that of “Registered Professional Land Surveyor”. Alongside the official title should be the name of the registered professional engineer and their registration number.

There is no required ink color as long as the registered professional engineer stamp is legible. The appropriate prefix for board-authorized seals is required before the registration number or license number which for professional engineers is “PE”.

What Stamps Or Seals Can I Purchase For A Pennsylvania Professional Engineer Stamp?

Most orders we receive at Engineer Seal are for pre-inked stamps and self-inking stamps, as their ease of use and clarity are great for a registered professional engineer stamp. But as an engineer, you are not limited to just a rubber stamp with an ink pad. You can also use a pocket seal embosser, or a desk seal embosser, as both are approved for use on sealing your document. You can even obtain a computer image or electronic file that is a digital facsimile of your registered professional engineer seal when applicable, such as when you need to seal or stamp digital documents that are sent via email messages.

Free Digital Seal

Engineer Seal will send a complimentary computer image file (electronic stamp of seal) of you professional engineer seal when you order one of our other products meant for a registered professional within one business day. And we can make more than just a seal for a professional engineer! We can also create a stamp for a registered professional land surveyor, or a registered professional geologist, or both if the registrant obtains a dual license. If you're worried about us having the correct design authorized by the state board, you can get a PDF proof and be assured that your self-inking stamp or other product that will not begin our production process without your approval.

If you are a professional engineer in the state of Pennsylvania, it is important to have a seal or stamp that shows your registration. The seal should be used on all official documents and should be kept in a safe place. Engineer Seal offers a variety of seals and stamps that are approved by the state board for professional engineers. You can also order a digital image file of your seal to use on digital documents.

About ESS

ESS is a lead producer of professional land surveyors, registered professional geologists, and engineer seals. We make seals and stamps for all 50 states and ship nationwide. We have easy ordering on our website and each physical stamp comes with a free digital seal. All seals are made to board specifications and are backed by our state board guarantee. Most orders are in the mail within a day or two of ordering. Please feel free to send us a note and contact us if you need additional information.

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