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Refine Your Professional Persona with a South Carolina Engineer’s Seal Embosser

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South Carolina Engineer’s Seal Embosser

The South Carolina State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors specifies exactly when and how the South Carolina engineer’s embosser or stamp should be used. Different categories of licensed engineers are allowed different uses regarding official seals, including stamping on plans and adding to specifications. All licensees or firms practicing under a certificate of authorization are required to have a stamp and must comply with stringent requirements when using their South Carolina engineer’s seal embosser such as the inclusion of the term such as “Licensed Professional Engineer”.

South Carolina engineer’s seal embossers created for firms must also contain the name of the firm on the face of the seal. Additional and more limited licenses are available to qualify associate engineers and surveyors, depending on their needs and level of education.

South Carolina Engineering Seal Regulations

Embossers or stamps have a typical size of 1-⅝” in diameter, and the South Carolina engineer’s seal embosser for engineers must be at least 1-½” in diameter. In the space between the circle and the outside of the seal the words, “South Carolina” and the name of the registrant must appear. The registrant may use rubber stamps or computer-generated seals--identical in size, design, and content with the approved impression seals--where the use of an impression seal is not specifically required. There are multiple acceptable set-ups or designs for the South Carolina engineer’s seal embosser and a COA/Certificate of Authorization Seal is also available.



Choosing Your Professional Engineer Seal

When purchasing your South Carolina engineer’s embosser, you have choices and different value propositions. Selecting a South Carolina engineer’s seal embosser that has been created by high-quality artisans allows you peace of mind knowing that your seal will be available when you need it most and will offer the most professional representation of your personal brand possible. Since your South Carolina engineer’s embosser is so important, be sure your vendor guarantees state acceptance of the seal when it is utilized as intended. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service can also be incredibly important. What would happen if you needed your new South Carolina engineer’s seal embosser or an eSeal to be ready quickly for a job? Having a supplier you can count on makes all the difference when your professional image is at stake.

Professional Engineer Stamp

Looking for a state board-approved professional engineer stamp? Look no further than our South Carolina Professional Engineer Seal Stamp! It's easy to order just enter your name and license number as they were provided by the state. This stamp comes with a free electronic seal and 6 file types included (DXF, DWG, TIF, JPG, PDF, and PNG). Plus, it's guaranteed to meet your state board specifications – making it the most economical form of stamp around. And because it uses a separate stamp pad, you can easily switch out the colors to create different color combinations. So why wait? Get your South Carolina Professional Engineer Seal Stamp today!

Engineer Desk Embosser

The South Carolina Engineer Desk Seal is designed to produce impressions with minimal effort. The professional engineer desk embosser offers a heavy-duty frame and precision parts for the finest impressions every time. An easy sliding lock mechanism makes for convenient handling and storage. This professional engineer embosser has a reach of about 1-1/2" into a sheet of paper. We do offer a guarantee that our seals will meet your state specifications. You will also receive a set of complimentary e-seals which are sent to you in email as tif, jpg, pdf, and dxf files. South Carolina Engineer Embossers are the perfect way to make an impression that lasts. Order your South Carolina Engineer Desk Seal today!

Selecting a Supplier

Some suppliers offer electronic seals (eSeals) available for standalone purchase, while others require that you purchase a rubber stamp or South Carolina engineer’s embosser and will not sell the eSeal alone. eSeals from Engineer Seal Stamps.com contain the same high-quality standards and information as physical stamps and are generally available within one business day of your order.

Finally, a reputable supplier or vendor of engineer stamps will offer a guarantee that the stamp they customize for your will be a perfect match to your state’s requirements. We make sure that our stamps are being made to the regulations set out by the South Carolina state board. Since your South Carolina engineer’s seal embosser can be used for many years, the peace of mind offered in this guarantee can be priceless. If there is a disconnect between the state standards and the seal that you receive, we will remake and ship a new replacement stamp to you free of charge.

About ESS

At ESS, we make stamps and embossers for professional engineers and land surveyors. We use the regulations from your state board to make sure everything is down to the smallest detail like how your license number is displayed to match South Carolina state board standards.