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Requirements and Use of Alabama Land Surveyor Seals

  • 4 min read
A round Alabama Land Surveyor Seal image on a professional land surveyor hand drawing

As a licensed land surveyor in Alabama, you are required to obtain a seal for use with documents relating to the field. There are several rules and regulations that surveyors must follow when using Alabama land surveyor seals, and understanding these requirements is important to ensure compliance. Here, you will discover what you need to know about obtaining and using your seal.

Alabama Licensed Land Surveyors

After being licensed as a land surveyor, you are required to obtain your own Alabama land surveyor seal. This seal, along with the certificate of licensure, designates that the person to whom it is issued has the privileges and rights of a professional land surveyor until such time as the licensing expires, lapses, or is revoked or suspended. Once you have obtained licensure, you can purchase your Alabama land surveyor seal from any manufacturer, providing it follows the proper size and appearance guidelines.

Alabama Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

The Alabama surveyor seal can be either 1-5/8” in diameter, which is referred to as a pocket stamp, or a desk stamp that is 2” in diameter. In Alabama, the land surveyor seal is also required to meet specific guidelines for appearance, which include:

  • Two concentric circles, with a larger one along the outside of the stamp and a smaller one inside of it
  • The space between these two circles must include the word “Alabama” along the top with the land surveyor’s name appearing along the bottom.
  • The words “licensed” must appear at the top of the inner circle and the words “land surveyor” must be placed at the bottom
  • The surveyor’s license number is listed in the center of the smaller circle, preceded by “No.”, and the word “professional” appears right below it.

Each Alabama land surveyor seal must meet these size and appearance requirements in order for it to be considered valid for use in the state.

Professional Land Surveyor Usage Guidelines

Licensed surveyors are also required to follow usage guidelines when applying their seals. An Alabama land surveyor stamp is required on all plats, plans, engineering drawings, specifications, and other reports that you create as a land surveyor. Additionally, the Alabama land surveyor seal must be affixed to any of these types of items that are prepared under the licensee’s direct supervision.

It is important to understand that each time you use this seal, you are assuming complete responsibility for the information provided in the plans and that you have taken the time to ensure that it is correct and follows all codes and requirements. Each time you use your Alabama land surveyor seal, you are also required to include your signature and the date.

As a licensed surveyor, it is important that you follow all Alabama land surveyor requirements. Surveyors should also make sure to check the Alabama Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors website to keep track of any changes to these requirements.

Alabama Land Surveyor Self-Inking Stamp

If you're a licensed Alabama land surveyor, you know that it's important to have the right stamp for the job. That's why we offer the Alabama Surveyor Stamp, backed by our state board guarantee. These stamps are available in 11 colors and feature simple press-and-print stamping. The stamps are reinkable when they start running low, and the pads are replaceable when the ink starts running low. Plus, you get to choose the ink color for this type of stamp.

This stamp works in a press-in-print manner and is excellent for repetitive stamping. It can provide up to 5,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked and has a replaceable internal pad. Best of all, self-inking stamps have a smooth action printing mechanism that makes it easy to use. Order your Alabama Land Surveyor Stamp today!

Professional Land Surveyor Pre-Inked Stamps

Our Alabama Professional Maxlight Pre-inked Stamp comes backed by our state board guarantee, ensuring that it meets all the requirements for licensed surveyors in Alabama. This high-end pre-inked stamp is simple to use, with a die plate that absorbs ink and a press-in-print mechanism that makes stamping clean and quiet. It comes in 5 colors and works great for official documents and correspondence.

It has ink like the slim stamp but has the added benefit of an easy-to-grip handle. These stamps have a nice deep ink color and make a rich impression with each use. Our top-of-the-line Alabama Maxlight Stamps are a premium product that will give you the quality and performance you need for all of your forms.

Hand Held Embossing Seal Stamps

Alabama Surveyors need a seal that meets the Alabama Board of licensure requirements. The Pocket Land Surveyor Seal does just that. This handheld embosser gives a crisp, clear embossed impression. It comes with a Two Year Warranty, is the most economical choice for an Alabama Surveyor embossing seal, and has a reach of approximately 1-1/2" into a sheet of paper. Plus, it includes a Deluxe Leatherette Pouch. You can also use these embossers with foil stickers. So if you're an Alabama Land Surveying professional on the go, the Pocket Surveyor Seal is the perfect solution.

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