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Requirements for the Hawaii Land Surveyor Stamp

  • 2 min read
Hawaii Land Surveyor Stamp

If you have successfully completed all the requirements for becoming a professional land surveyor in Hawaii, your next step is to obtain a seal. The Hawaii land surveyor stamp is required for all official documentation related to the field. However, the stamp must meet certain requirements in size, appearance and usage in order for it to be considered valid, and to ensure you don’t violate any regulations.

Seal Size and Appearance

A Hawaii land surveyor stamp must be 1-½” in diameter, with an outer circle of the same that encloses the seal. A 1-1/8” diameter inner circle also must be included. The surveyor’s name must be in the upper portion of the stamp in the space between the circles, along with “Hawaii U.S.A” in the lower space between the circles. Centered in the smaller circle and taking up a total of four lines are the words “Licensed Professional Land Surveyor”, with the prefix “No.” followed by the license number taking up the fifth line. For individuals who hold more than one registration, a separate Hawaii land surveying stamp is required in addition to an engineering stamp.

Hawaii Land Surveyor Stamp Usage

You will also need to follow specific guidelines when using your Hawaii land surveyor stamp. Any reports, drawings, specifications, plats and other documents that you create will require the seal. You will also need to make sure that you use the stamp on any documents that are created directly under your supervision, and by your own employees. It is important to understand that you need to make sure that all information contained in any documents is complete and accurate, and that it follows all applicable codes and regulations. You are also required to ensure that your Hawaii land surveyor stamp is never used on documents that you did not complete or supervisor the creation of – this constitutes a fraudulent use of the seal, which can result in fines and other penalties.

Land surveyor regulations also dictate that any report or document that has the Hawaii land surveyor stamp must also contain an authentication just below the seal that states, “This work was prepared by me or under my supervision”. A signature and the date that the license expires must also follow this statement.

Additional Resources

If you are a land surveyor, you should make sure to visit the Hawaii Land Surveyors Association website. You will discover a wealth of information, including job opportunities, any recent changes in rules and regulations, and additional information concerning the use of a Hawaii land surveyor stamp. This site also provides educational opportunities, membership options and additional resources that are beneficial to those in the land surveying field as well as those who are interested in entering the fields of engineering or land surveying.