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Requirements for the Use of a Tennessee Architecture Stamp

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Tennessee Architecture Stamp

Official documents used by Tennessee architects must include their unique seal applied with their Tennessee architecture stamp. According to the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance, the purpose of assigning registration numbers to architects and other professionals including Tennessee engineers and landscape architects is to improve professional conduct and establish a standard of care.

Tennessee Architect Seal Requirements

While all  architects in Tennessee are bound by the requirement to use a Tennessee architect stamp to place a seal on various documents, there is some flexibility in the type of stamp used. The architect may choose from an embossing seal or a rubber stamp but the size of the seal must be 2” in diameter. The design must include the name of the architect, their registration number and "Registered Architect."

In addition, the seal must contain either the words “State of Tennessee” or simply “Tennessee.” The prefix “No.” must be used in front of the license number. Only a registered architect with a registration number can be reflected on the Tennessee architecture stamp.

A Tennessee architect should consider an architect stamp a part of their essential equipment. They should purchase an architecture stamp with the appropriately designed seal and use it on all original sheets of any bound sets of plans and on the first sheet of specifications or reports they have prepared or which have been prepared under their charge.

In addition, the state of Tennessee forbids other persons than those represented by the registration number on the stamp to use it to add the seal to any document. This practice is considered forged and unlawful. Any architect practicing in Tennessee may have their license revoked or suspended if they fail to obtain, keep, and utilize the Tennessee architect stamp.

The purpose of the architecture seal is to regulate Tennessee architects and protect the public safety, health and welfare. The information provided by the seal reflects the achievement of the architect for having successfully reached the level of training and having acquired a working knowledge of the laws and regulations required for licensure.

In addition to the use of a Tennessee architect stamp to apply a seal to physical documents, today’s architects may also have the need to apply their unique seal to electronic documents. For this reason, the architect may want to purchase a Tennessee architecture stamp that also includes an electronic seal that is emailed as a JPG, DXF, or TIF file format. This is an option for some embossed and rubber stamps as well.

Choosing a Tennessee Architect Stamp

The first choice the architect will need to make when purchasing a Tennessee architect stamp is between an embossed seal and a rubber stamp. Embossed seals make an impression in the paper that cannot be photocopied. When photocopying is necessary, an impression inker must be used in combination with the seal.

Rubber stamps, on the other hand, apply ink to the surface of the paper. This allows the seal to be reproduced through photocopying. Within these two types of stamps, there are numerous designs that have different features to accommodate a number of different needs. These include heavy-duty models for deeper embossing and self-inking laser engraved rubber stamps for extensive use and crisp impressions.

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