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Requirements for Nebraska Land Surveyor Seals

  • 3 min read
Nebraska Land Surveyor Seals

Once you are found to be eligible to be issued a Nebraska land surveyor stamp, the board will provide you with one; this is the only body approved to do so. It should feature your name on it as well as “Land Surveyor.” As soon as you receive it, you can begin using it to stamp reports, plans and field notes that were created by a land surveyor.

Using a Nebraska Land Surveyor Stamp

Although you now have a Nebraska land surveyor stamp, you may also want to use a facsimile from time to time. This is perfectly acceptable so long as the examining board first approves the one you plan on using.

Of course, if you are ever suspended by the board or get your Nebraska land surveyor stamp revoked, it is against the law to use it or let someone else do the same. As the licensee, you and only you can use your Nebraska land surveyor stamp in any capacity.

If something happens to your Nebraska land surveyor stamp, you’ll need to contact the board to have it replaced.

Nebraska Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

Although facsimiles are allowed, it’s important to know how to identify a legitimate Nebraska land surveyor stamp. The size of the stamp must be 1-7/8" in diameter and it’s required that it be used with an embosser.

For the most part, the Nebraska land surveyor stamp isn’t much different than those of other states. You’ll notice a perforated edge that goes around the entire diameter. There are two concentric circles on display. 

Your seal must also contain your name, a unique serial number that is assigned to you by the registrant.

When you are given your Nebraska land surveyor stamp, you’ll also be issued a pocket card that contains the information relevant to it, essentially representing your credentials.

Self-Inking Stamp for the Registered Land Surveyor

Nebraska Land Surveyors need a seal stamp to perform their duties. Our Nebraska Land Surveying State Seal meets Nebraska requirements and is Nebraska Board of Examiners of Surveyors (NLBES) compliant. The Nebraska seal has the name of the surveyor, the surveyor's license number. You will also receive a complimentary e-seal which is sent to you by email. The Self Inking Nebraska Land Surveyor Stamp is a self-inking stamp made out of durable synthetics and one of our most popular seal choices. Stamping pads can be changed quickly or re-inked for thousands more quality rubber stamp impressions. The Self Inking Nebraska Land Surveyor Stamp will make about 5,000 stamp impressions and is available in 11 ink choices. All Nebraska Land Surveyor self-inking stamps are made to your state board specifications.

Wooden Handle Stamp

Whether you're a professional surveyor or just need to get a few things done around your property, this is the perfect stamp for you. Seals come backed by our state board guarantee, so you can be sure they're made to specifications. The regular wooden handle is easy to use, and the separate stamp pad means you can change colors if you need to. Most importantly, it's economical - perfect for when you need to get the job done right without breaking the bank. Each stamp comes with free electronic stamps (image of your stamp) which are typically sent within a business day of ordering.


Embossed Seal Stamps are also great if you are looking for a tool that will leave crisp impressions on the document. These vary from the basic hand held model to a premium cast iron seal. The embossers with their reach into the page going from 1.5" into the page all the way to 4.5" into the center of a page.

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