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Rhode Island Architectural Seal Stamp: It Is No Small Matter

  • 4 min read
Rhode Island Architectural Seal Stamp

While the state of Rhode Island may be modest in size, the size of its rulebook is still quite thick. When it comes to the chapter regarding architects and designers, the rules are very clear. Anyone in the state who wishes to practice structural design must use either a rubber architectural seal stamp or an embossing seal that meets the following guidelines:

Rhode Island Architectural Seal Requirements

When an architect becomes registered in the state of Rhode Island, they are permitted to purchase a Rhode Island architect seal stamp or embossing press to use as part of the requirements of their job, with the provision that they maintain a good standing on their fees and registration with the board. As a requirement, they must use their Rhode Island architectural seal stamp or embossing press as part of their sign of approval and authentication on all work that they do. Any plans that they complete, or that they oversee should be both sealed and signed by them. Should they apply their architectural seal, or allow anyone else to apply their seal to work they did not do, or oversee, they or both may face criminal charges, which could include the revoking of their license in the state.

Guidelines per the Rhode Island Board

  • The entire Rhode Island architect seal stamp or embossed sticker must be 1-½" in diameter and consist of two concentric circles with the inner circle measuring 1-1/8" in diameter.
  • In the outer circle at the top, the name of the architect should appear.
  • The Rhode Island state seal must appear in the center of the seal along with the architect's registration number. The number needs to be prefaced with the prefix (No.) and can be set to either side of the state seal.
  • Beneath the state seal, inside the inner circle, just above the outer circle, the word “Registered” should be listed, and then in the bottom half of the outer circle, it must say “Architect”.

Electronic Alternatives to Using a Rhode Island Architect Seal Stamp

Unlike other states, there are no legal provisions for using a digital architectural seal in place of one created by a Rhode Island architectural seal stamp. However, a clear facsimile of an architectural seal created from an authentic stamp, that is then signed by hand by the architect may be allowed. It must still be attached to all of the documents so a regular seal stamp would be applied. Electronically captured or printed signatures are inadmissible, as well as photographed and then printed copies of Rhode Island architect seal stamps; it must be a clear facsimile (copied with a scanner and printed, or faxed) per the letter of the law and the state of Rhode Island board.

Professional Seals Available

There are many types of seal and stamp products available for the Rhode Island Architect.

Self-Inking Stamp Options

Looking for a self-inking stamp that is guaranteed to be made to state specifications? Look no further than the Self-Inking Rhode Island Architect Stamp! This stamp comes in 11 different ink colors including red ink, blue ink, green ink, orange ink, pink ink, purple ink, and black ink, so you can choose the perfect color for your needs. It stamps in a press and print manner, so it is excellent for repetitive stamping. The internal ink pad is replaceable, so you don't have to worry about running out of ink. And it comes with our state board guarantee, so you know it's the real deal! Plan on doing a lot of stamping consider an extra bottle of ink when purchasing your stamp.

Pre-Inked Stamps

A Pre-Inked Stamp is a top-of-the-line stamp guaranteed by our state board and comes in 5 ink colors. It works in a press-in-print manner, making it simple to use. There's no ink pad to replace - the die plate absorbs ink, making for quiet and clean stamping. This is a high-end, premium stamp - perfect for your needs!

Where and How to Obtain a State of Rhode Island Architect Seal

Rhode Island, like most other states, does not have a specific source that requires architects and other designers to obtain their seal stamps. There are many resources for obtaining them online, either from bulk general retailers or from specialized retailers like Engineer Seal Stamps.com.

Online Advantage

The advantage of going with a retailer like the latter is that you can find a good selection of Rhode Island architectural seal stamps and embossers, without having to wade through a lot of irrelevant listings. They offer pre-inked, self-inking, and basic hand rubber stamp seals for those looking for the very best and most essential in their sealing supplies. For those wanting an embosser, instead of a standard Rhode Island architectural seal stamp, they offer a nice selection of short and long-handled embossers to meet anyone's needs and comforts.

About ESS

ESS is a leading online retailer of stamps for professionals, whether you are looking for a self-inking architect stamp or an architect seal we are sure to have a product to meet your needs. Be sure to check out our wide selection of products available for ordering online. With any purchase of a professional seal, we send a free electronic seal with the order that is typically sent within a business day through email messages.

Our Stamp and Seal products are proudly made in the USA. Checkout our web page for full description details and to view more designs for design professionals and those that practice architecture in other states.

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