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Seal Your Important Work with a Kansas Professional Engineer Seal

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Kansas Professional Engineer Seal

Engineers in the State of Kansas know that having their professional documents accepted by governments and businesses requires a Kansas professional engineer seal. Whether you are looking for a pocket seal, a heavy-duty embosser, or a digital seal, read on to find out everything you need to know about obtaining the correct Kansas professional engineer seal for your needs!

Kansas Professional Engineer Stamp Design Details

Your Kansas professional engineer seal can be an embossing seal, stamp or even an electronically generated file (eSeal). There is a tight size range for the seal, with the outer circle of the seal required to be 1-⅝” in diameter and the inner circle no larger than 1-1/16” in diameter. The Kansas professional engineer seal is required to include an arc at the top between the two circles where the licensee’s name shall appear, with "PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER" below. The inner circle shall contain the words "LICENSED" at the top, and "KANSAS" below, and the number of the licensee in the center.


Usage of Your Kansas Engineer Seal

The guidelines require that the licensee apply their Kansas professional engineer seal to the following documents:

  • Technical reports
  • Legal descriptions
  • Records
  • Documents
  • Original drawings
  • Papers

The licensee should add their handwritten signature and date across their Kansas professional engineer seal for the above document types. Any alterations to the above usage requirements will cause the Kansas professional engineer seal to be voided. Only projects exempt from the licensure requirements by law pursuant to K.S.A. 74-7031, K.S.A. 74-7032, K.S.A. 74-7033, K.S.A. 74-7034 or K.S.A. 74-7042, and subsequent amendments are excluded from the above qualifications.

Kansas Engineer Regular Rubber Stamp

Looking for a Kansas Professional Engineer Stamp that is state board approved? Look no further than ours – it comes with a free electronic seal included! Not to mention, it also includes 6 file types: DXF, DWG, TIF, JPG, PDF, and PNG. It's guaranteed to meet your state board specifications and is the most economical form of stamp out there. You can use it with a separate stamp pad and it works great with industrial inks, like quick-drying ink, to stamp on mylar. Plus, it features a regular wooden handle stamp for easy use. So why wait? Get your Kansas Professional Engineer Seal Stamp today!

Self-Inking Stamps for Kansas Engineers

Looking for a Kansas State Board-approved professional engineer stamp? Look no further than the Self-Inking Kansas professional engineer stamp! This top-of-the-line product comes with a free electronic seal and 6 different file types, so you can be sure it meets your every need. And with 11 ink colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect match for your project. Best of all, this stamp is reinkable and the ink pad is replaceable, so you can use it again and again for years to come. So don't wait any longer - get your Self-Inking Kansas PE Stamp today!

Electronic Seal Usage

For electronic versions of the Kansas professional engineer seal to be accepted, the signature must be able to be verified and unique to the person who affixed it. In addition, the eSeal must be linked to an electronic document bearing the signature in such a way that alterations to the document cause an indication that the licensee’s mark is invalidated by the changes. Electronic seals like typically a jpg format with a white background or created in CAD programs need to be exported as GIF or PNG files in order to properly display your Kansas professional engineer seal in files without a white background.

Choosing Trusted Vendors

Professional engineers know that few things are more important than reputation and choosing a supplier for your professional mark requires careful consideration. Selecting a partner who will take the same level of pride and craftsmanship in the creation of your Kansas professional engineer seal helps assure your reputation in your field of work. A vendor-partner who also offers reputable and quality customer service, quick turnaround times, and a variety of physical stamp and seal choices are all points that can affect your decision. At Engineer Seal Stamps.com, laws do change from time to time, so we guarantee our work and promise that any seal purchased from us recently will meet the Kansas state guidelines for your Kansas professional engineer stamp

About ESS

Whether you are a Kansas engineer or need another seal for other technical professions, we can make the seal for you. Order with confidence knowing that our seal templates meet the regulations of the Kansas state board. Need to upload custom artwork for a logo stamp or seal? We make custom seals, too.