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Ensuring Professional Compliance with a Maine Engineer Stamp

Licensure is becoming increasingly common not only for government contractors, but also for individual engineers who are interested in moving into positions of more responsibility within their organization. Surprisingly, not all engineering colleges and universities require that their professors be licensed, but there has been a shift toward licensure in the past several years to assure that educators have the hands-on, practical knowledge necessary to successfully teach the next generation of engineers.

State of Maine Seal Design Requirements

Maine professional engineers are held to incredibly high ethical standards of practice as laid out in the licensure requirements below. Only licensed, registered engineers are allowed to practice engineering in the State of Maine, where their Maine professional engineer stamp is used to show that they are able and willing to shoulder the responsibility for the lives that could be affected by their work.

The State of Maine has specific requirements for embossing seals or rubber stamps: stamps must be sized at 1-¾”. The Maine professional engineer stamp must bear the licensee’s name, license number and the legend "licensed professional engineer." In order to keep the seal clear even after transfer, the preference is to layout the image and text in all caps.

One other requirement for the round stamp or embossing seal is that the registration number be present, with no designation required. The seal of the Board consists of the Maine professional engineer stamp with two concentric circles; with the outer circle measuring 2-⅛” diameter and the inner circle measuring 1-¼” diameter. The circle must contain the words “State of Maine” above and the language “State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers” below to be considered acceptable for use within the state.

Professional Engineer Seal Usage

Each licensee is required to affix the Maine professional engineer stamp of the size and design noted above to official engineering documents including:

  • Signed and dated plans
  • Specifications and reports
  • Documents created by or under the direction of a licensed professional engineer
  • Drawings that a Maine professional engineer stamps and takes personal responsibility for

Electronic signatures and eSeals are defined as acceptable by 10 M.R.S.A. Section 9402. 7. As a professional engineer in the State of Maine, licensure is a requirement but also a way of communicating to others that you have fulfilled the rigorous testing and requirements to become a licensed professional. By affixing your Maine professional engineer stamp to documents, you are indicating to others that you have the credentials and experience to get the job done.

Find a Retailer Who Works for You

As you are selecting a partner in the creation of your professional seal, be sure to obtain a guarantee that your new Maine professional engineer stamp will be a true and accurate representation of the state requirements and will be durable enough to last for years. Engineer Seal Stamps.com offers not only stellar and proactive customer service, but also amenities you need such as quick-turn orders, electronic seals (eSeals) available separately or with the purchase of your stamped or embossed Maine professional engineer stamp seal. ESS also promises that the State of Maine will accept your new seal or it we will immediately replace it at no charge to you.

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