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The Important Features of the Rhode Island Land Surveyor Seal

  • 4 min read
Rhode Island Land Surveyor Seal

Starting a land surveying business or working as a surveyor on your own has never been easy. Even after you acquire the necessary skill set to become competent in this field, you’re still going to need to take several steps to start your business. All of these important requirements can make your Rhode Island land surveyor seal seem relatively inconsequential in comparison. Once you receive it, it’s easy to forget about until you have to use it.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be the first one to learn that not every Rhode Island land surveyor seal that gets issued is perfect. This is why you want to inspect yours for any flaws before beginning to use it. Otherwise, you could be in for a rude awakening down the line.

Rhode Island Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

Compared to the vast majority of those out there, the Rhode Island land surveyor seal has a very distinct aesthetic to it. For one thing, as we already touched on, it’s square in shape instead of circular like most. There is also a square imprinted on the seal to give it a border.

In the middle is the seal for the State of Rhode Island. Your license number goes to the right of it with “No.” on the left. Above the seal is your name. It must appear as you wrote it out on your application for the Rhode Island land surveyor seal. Finally, at the bottom of the seal, it reads, “Professional Land Surveyor.” You will want to make sure that your Rhode Island land surveyor seal meets the Rhode Island Board standards.

The Dimensions of a Rhode Island Land Surveyor Seal

First, let’s start with its dimensions. A Rhode Island land surveyor seal should be 1-3/16" square if you’re using an embosser for the job. If you’re using the stamp, you should check to confirm it’s 1-15/16" square.

Using the Rhode Island Land Surveyor Stamp

Once you are sure of your seal, you can go out and use it. In order to do so, though, you’ll need both an embossing seal and a rubber stamp. Again, check their dimensions before applying it to any documents.

While it seems pretty straightforward, you should still take a moment or two to check the above regarding your Rhode Island Land surveyor seal prior to going out in the field.


Types of Seal Products Available

There are quite a few different types of stamp and seal products available for the Rhode Island Land Surveyor stamp below are a few different types of stamps that are available.

Rhode Island Land Surveyor Hand Stamp

Introducing the Rhode Island Land Surveyor Seal Stamp! This stamp is guaranteed by our state board and is made to the specifications of the Rhode Island state board. It's the most economical version of the Rhode Island Land Surveyor stamp, and it comes with a regular wooden handle. You can use it with a separate stamp pad, and the stamp pads can be switched for different ink color combinations. It's perfect for when you need to use industrial inks for stamping on mylar!

State of Rhode Island Pre-Inked Stamps

This premium Rhode Island Land Surveyor stamp is made to land surveyors' standards and comes in 5 different ink colors. It also features a press-&-print design that makes it simple to use. Plus, there's no need to replace an ink pad with pre-inked stamps - the die plate absorbs the ink. And its quiet and clean stamping makes it a great choice for any office. It is similar to a self-inking stamp but gives a richer impression as it uses a different type of ink color.

Electronic Professional Seal

Looking for a way to seal electronically your land surveying work in Rhode Island? Look no further than our amazing Digital Rhode Island Land Surveyor Stamp! This electronic seal is sent through email messages and is perfect for adding that extra touch of professionalism to any document or file, and comes backed by our state board guarantee.

State Board Guarantee

We work hard to stay in touch with all Board Offices so that we are aware when changes to the specifications for stamps and seals are made. Our guarantee and promise to you with our professional seals is that if your stamp or embossing seal you recently purchased in the past 90 days from us is rejected by your State Board, we will remake and ship your seal free of charge. If this happens, we will simply need you to email our customer service team with the rejection letter or email your order number in the email. If you made changes to the seal or stamp during the proofing or eseal process that caused the seal to be rejected, the guarantee would be voided.


We hope that you found the information provided helpful in regard to selecting and using a Rhode Island land surveyor seal. We want to make sure that your work is done with the utmost professionalism, and having an official seal can help ensure this. Be sure to check out our special deals on seals and stamp products, as well as our legal name and description details before making your purchase!

About ESS

You can find everything you need for your professional seal projects at ESS - from hand stamps to land surveyor extended long-reach embossers, we have every type of official state seal. When you need a superb seal compliant with all of the regulations, we have you covered. Plus, there is never a min quantity. We're experts in this field and we know how important these small items are when working on any given task! Orders ship from our office in Richmond, VA, typically within a business day.