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The Meaning Behind Virginia Architecture Stamps and Seals

Architects are required to use Virginia architecture stamps and seals on drawings and other documents that they have prepared. In many ways, the significance of the seal exceeds a signature or other mark. The seal is a unique design for each professional but it represents the same body of knowledge and level of skills that is associated with the achievement of licensure.

In Virginia, an architect is defined as someone who has knowledge through mathematical and physical sciences, along with the principles of architecture that qualify them to engage in the professional practice of architecture. The licensing process is considered a test of their qualifications.

The Use of Virginia Architecture Stamps and Seals

The Virginia architecture stamps and seal that the architect places on all pertinent documents will include their unique license number as part of the design. Every time a document is stamped, the architect’s name and license number become a permanent part of the document. It is more than just a stamp. The seal represents the ability of the individual to practice in the area of architecture and to abide by the regulations and laws that apply in their state.

Virginia has a broad definition of the “practice of architecture” which includes everything from consultations and investigations to the planning and design of all types of structures. When the architect puts his seal on a document, it signifies that he was either the one who created it or was in close supervision of the person who did.

The Responsibilities of the Architect Reflected in Virginia Architecture Stamps and Seals

The architect is expected to act in a way that assures the protection of public health, safety and welfare. They are expected to uphold the standards of objectivity, reliability, and truthfulness. They should avoid conflicts of interest and neither solicit or accept work that they are not qualified to do.

Virginia architecture stamps and seals represent all the accomplishments and qualities that are associated with the professional. Applying their unique seal to the required documents is a part of their job description that they should have the confidence to do with pride.

Specifics of Virginia Architecture Stamps and Seals

The board in each state determines the specifics of the stamps and seals used by architects in their professional capacity. Virginia architecture stamps and seals are required to be 2" in diameter. The license or certificate number of the architect will be displayed on the stamp without the leading zero’s that appear on the license. The prefix “Lic. No.” must be placed in front of the seal.

Some states offer a choice between using an embosser or rubber stamp. In Virginia, a rubber stamp is required but you can also use an embosser in addition to the rubber stamp. A quality stamp that leaves a clear, easy-to-read seal behind is important to reflect the identity of the professional and the distinction of the job that the architect holds.

Distinguishing Features of Virginia Architecture Stamps and Seals

The details that set Virginia architecture stamps and seals apart from those used in other states may seem minor but the board is strict in reinforcing them. It is important to get a stamp that is made to the specifications of Virginia. The importance of the stamp also makes it essential to limit your choice to good quality Virginia architecture stamps and seals that are guaranteed to meet the requirement of the designated state.

For the quality Virginia architecture stamps and seals you need to reflect the pride you take in your work, visit Engineer Seal Stamps.

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