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The Laws Regarding Texas Architectural Seals and Stamps Are Nice and Simple

The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners makes it extremely easy for architects to obtain and use their architectural seals and stamps. They post the images and files online that give the exact specifications for what is required and inform newly registered professionals to take the image to any company that can produce architectural seals and stamps. The following is a summary of what that image entails and the written guidelines included with it.

  • Texas architectural seals and stamps must be comprised of concentric circles, with a total diameter no less than 1-1/2". On average, most people use a seal that is 1-5/8" in diameter.
  • A hollow rope pattern is used for the outermost border and the inner circle, which is set half or 5/8" in from the outer circle, has a solid rope pattern for its border.
  • In the space between borders at the top, the words “Registered Architect” must be displayed, while two small and hollow five-pointed stars must act as divider decoration between the top and bottom halves. On the bottom half, the words, “State of Texas” must appear.
  • Inside the center area of the seal, at the top should be the architect's name and at the bottom should be their registration number. In the very center, it should have a five-pointed star, per the style indicated by the board's standard for Texas architectural seals and stamps.

Laws Pertaining to Use of Texas Architectural Seals and Stamps

So long as the Texas architectural seals or stamps used in a project meet the visual requirements, they may be produced via rubber stamp, embossed sticker, or electronic reproduction. An architect must sign and seal each set of construction documents they complete, or that someone they directly supervised completes. This includes if they were completed electronically. The general rule of thumb given by the board on when to use Texas architectural seals and stamps on documents is if it will be used for obtaining a permit, regulation approval, or actual construction, then you must use your seal. If an architect that drafts a design, or wishes to use construction documents for a purpose other than those listed previously, they do not have to seal it, but they must note them clearly with “Not for regulatory approval, permitting, or construction”, which is the equivalent of voiding them. An architect may not by law, allow anyone other than themselves, or someone they supervised, to use their Texas architectural seals and stamps, or use them for a non-related profession to gain approval.

Best Place to get Texas Architectural Seals and Stamps

As Texas is very open with where it allows professionals to obtain their architectural seals and stamps from, there are a lot of choices. The internet tends to offer the widest variety of suppliers, though choosing a good provider can seem a bit daunting. Acorn Sales, however, is one very reliable supply company that produces Texas architectural seals and stamps using the most up to date board approved designs. They offer the Texas seal in the popular 1- 5/8" sizing in a variety rubber hand stamps, self-inking, pre-inked, and embossers. One of the reasons that using a supplier like Acorn Sales is superior to using a larger, general focus company, is that an architect can rest assured that their documents will always be properly sealed, because seals and stamps is their specialty.

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