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A Missouri engineer is required to use a specific, personal Missouri engineering seal on all plats, reports, specifications, surveys, estimates, and other engineering plans. In order to make sure that you are in compliance with all requirements, it is important that you understand what the seal should include, all size and font requirements, and the manner in which it can be used.

Missouri Engineer Seal Requirements per the Missouri State Board

The state of Missouri has specific requirements for all Missouri engineering seals. They must be 1 ¾” in diameter and can be an embosser style, rubber stamp, or digital design, providing that all options are identical and follow all rules and requirements. Additionally, the seal must include a number of design features to ensure it meets the state rules and regulations.

Missouri Professional Engineer Stamp Design

Each Missouri engineering seal must contain two concentric circles or one small one inside of a larger circle. Between these circles, the stamp should include “State of Missouri” at the top and “Professional Engineer” at the bottom. These words must be in all capital letters in Times New Roman font. Within the smaller of the two circles, the Missouri engineering seal should include both the engineer’s name and his or her license number with the “PE” prefix preceding the number. The name in this portion of the Missouri professional engineer stamp must be in straight copy across the center of the circle. Engineers who were licensed before January 1, 2002, may have the words “Registered Professional Engineer” in place of “Professional Engineer” in the bottom portion of the circles on the professional engineer stamp.

Using the Missouri Engineering Seal

Any licensed engineer in Missouri is required to use an appropriate Missouri engineering seal that meets the state requirements. This Missouri professional engineer stamp must be used on all plats, charts, reports, surveys, and another official documents. The use of the stamp indicates that the engineer takes full responsibility for the information contained in the document and that all regulations and statutes are met. In general, the Missouri engineering stamp should only be used on documents that are considered final. However, there may be instances in which the PE Stamp is required on preliminary documents. In these cases, it is important that the stamp only be used if there is obvious language included that designates the report or drawing as preliminary in nature. The Missouri engineering stamp can only be used on documents that the engineer prepares or those that he or she directly supervised, or under personal supervision. For information and files that include more than a single page, the PE Stamp can be used on the index or title page, rather than each page of the construction-prepared document.

Each time the Missouri engineering stamp is used, it must be accompanied by the signature and date. Additionally, if there are any revisions required to the document, the stamp should also include a complete explanation of them. Missouri engineering seals are required for all licensed engineers. If you have any questions or require additional information about rules, requirements, and stamps, the Missouri Division of Professional Registration website is a great place to start.


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