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The Requirements and Designs of Ohio Architecture Seals and Stamps

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Ohio Architecture Seals and Stamps

The Ohio Board requires each architect to submit a unique individual seal with each set of designs, blueprints, or specifications. Just like a fingerprint, this number sets the architect’s work apart and can be tracked even if alterations are needed.

Ohio Architecture Seals and Stamps Design

Per regulations, Ohio architecture seals and stamps must have a circular shape and a 2” diameter imprint. According to the Architects Board, the outer ring will include “State of Ohio” at the top and “Registered Architect” at the bottom. In the inner circle, will be the licensee’s name and licensure number, placed horizontally.

Ohio Architecture Seal Requirements

Registered architects demonstrate responsible control when using the Ohio architecture seals and stamps. “Responsible control” is the term used to show the architect has provided a standard of care with all materials, instruments, and calculations. The architect has considered environmental and climate change on a structure as well as human safety.

As of July 1, 2012, the architect must now include below the seal, his or her printed name, license number, and the expiration date of the license. The date is also required next to the signature. This information is not typically a part of the seal but can be added as a custom stamp.

The front of all blueprints, plans, specifications, and other architectural documents must be sealed and signed, following the above guidelines. Although the Board no longer requires each sheet to be stamped, check with the building department as they may still require the process.

Can I alter designs that are already sealed?

No architect may alter designs bearing Ohio architecture seals and stamps unless he or she has written permission from the original architect. Ohio law also includes written permission from the architect’s estate, if necessary.

If the document is altered, the altering architect must follow Ohio law and seal the document. The document must also be signed, dated, and the architect’s name printed below the seal with the license number and license expiration date. A detailed explanation of the changes must be included. Once a seal has been placed, it must not be removed.

Are there firm seals in Ohio?

Only individual architects may submit a seal on documents. In the state of Ohio, corporations and firms cannot use seals and will not be issued Ohio architecture seals and stamps.

An architect must never allow his or her seal to be used on plans made by a non-professional architect.

No Ohio architecture seals and stamps are required for any residential one-family or two-family building. An architect is not required for most residential additions including garages, carports, decks, porches, and sheds. This exception also includes agricultural buildings, per the Fayette County, Ohio Building Department.



Ohio Architecture Seals and Stamps Purchases

Research online before purchasing Ohio architecture seals and stamps as prices will vary. Local printers may offer the seals. Choose a vendor that offers up-to-date designs and a guarantee that the seals will meet state requirements.

Engineer Seal Stamps.com offers Ohio architecture seals and stamps in a variety of inking stamps and embossing seals.

Rubber Stamp

Ohio Architects rely on their Ohio Architect Rubber Seal Stamp to finish their projects. The Ohio Architect Stamp is a very economical way to add the Ohio architect's finishing touches. This product is also easy to use. It requires a separate stamp pad, which is not included with the Ohio Architect Stamp. The Ohio Architect Regular Rubber Stamp is a great value for the money. It is an excellent investment for any Ohio architect.

Ohio State law requires every Ohio-licensed architect to sign and seal every construction document related to a project for which the architect accepts responsibility. This Ohio Architect stamp assures the client and the public that the architect accepts responsibility for the design.

Wooden Handle Stamp

A rubber stamp is the most traditional kind of Ohio Architect stamp. It requires a separate ink pad, and each time you use it. It is an economical choice and perfect for when you need to use quick dry ink, or if you want to change the ink color.

Self Inking Stamps

A self-inking stamp is a bit more expensive than a rubber stamp, but it’s worth the investment because it’s much easier to use. Just push down on the top of the stamp and it will leave a clear impression without any fuss. The ink pad inside the stamp can be refilled or replaced. Black is the most common ink color, but it is available in 11 ink colors of your choice. Additional ink may be purchased if you plan on doing a lot of stamping.

Pre-inked stamps are even easier to use than self-inking stamps because they don’t require any extra steps – just press down and you’re done! These stamps also produce a high-quality image, making them ideal for important documents.

Embossed Seal Stamp

The Ohio Architect embossing seal is a high-quality device that leaves a crisp, clean impression on your documents. This device comes with a two-year warranty and meets all state guidelines for Ohio Architects. It also comes with a complimentary set of eseals, so you can get started right away. Ohio Architects are required to affix their Ohio Architect seal to all architectural plans and drawings that they prepare for construction, per Ohio Board of Architects rules.

What type of seal embosser should you choose?

There are lots of different types of embossers to choose from but which one will be the best for you depends on what type of reach you need, the strength of the embosser, and the price. Handheld seals are a great option for those who need a portable seal; however, the use of a desk or long-reach seal might prefer because it would be easier to squeeze. Some Ohio Architects choose to use an extended long-reach seal, which gives them even more flexibility when it comes to the placement of the Ohio Architect seal on the page. No matter which type of seal you use, make sure that made to the state standards of the Ohio Architects Board. The Ohio Architect seal is a great way to add a professional touch to your documents. Order yours today!

Sealing Electronically Electronic or Digital Documents

Ohio Architects now can order their Ohio Architect stamp in an electronic format that can be emailed to them quickly. The Ohio Architect digital stamp is an electronically generated seal that comes in several file types including DXF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, DWG, and TIFF, and is a great choice when you need to prepare electronic or digital documents. The electronic seal in different formats gives each Ohio Architect the ability to select the best file type for their needs and the type of software that they are using.

You can purchase a set of electronic seals or they are free when you purchase a rubber stamp seal or registered architect embosser. Keep in mind, although the Board accepts electronic Ohio seals, building departments are not required to accept electronic seals. Check before submitting plans.

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