South Dakota Land Surveyor Seal

When most people think about becoming a land surveyor, the furthest thing from their minds is some tiny stamp. Instead, they think about how they need to get a certain customer base and market themselves, look into an office and sharpen their skills if they don’t already have a background in this industry.

However, without a South Dakota land surveyor seal, none of those preparations will mean a thing. Worse yet, they could obtain their South Dakota land surveyor seal and still not be ready to practice because something about it is off.

This is why you should review the following against your South Dakota land surveyor stamp. Even if it isn’t your fault, if you use a seal that’s out of compliance, you could face no shortage of problems later.

South Dakota Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

Now, let’s talk about how the South Dakota land surveyor stamp looks. As we just touched on, there are two circles involved with the seal. The first one is the actual perimeter which looks like it’s a braid. Then, on the inside, is a circle outlined by a collection of circles, almost like a necklace.

The Dimensions of the South Dakota Land Surveyor Seal

First and foremost, check the dimensions of your South Dakota land surveyor seal. To an experienced eye, the wrong dimensions on a seal will stick out like a sore thumb. If you use a rubber stamp or embossing seal, yours should be 2" in diameter. The inside circle should be 1-1/4". We’ll cover this more in a moment.

Between these two circles, at the top, your seal should read, “Registered Land Surveyor.” Inside the circle, at the top, the seal will say, “Reg. No.” Across the bottom, it will read, “South Dakota.” Between the two, in the middle, you’ll find your license number and then your full name. Your name on your seal must be the same as you included on your application for the seal. Also, double-check to make sure you are entering your license number just as the state gave it to you.

Receiving your South Dakota land surveyor stamp is a big step in the right direction, but you’re still a long way off if you don’t go through the above to make sure yours looks like it’s supposed to.

South Dakota Land Surveyor Stamp Options

There are several stamp options that land surveyors can choose from and rest assured that each professional seal will meet the regulations of the South Dakota Board. Below is a little more about some of our most popular South Dakota Land Surveyor stamps.

Land Surveyor Self-Inking Stamp

For the land surveyor in South Dakota, we have the perfect stamp! This Self-Inking South Dakota Land Surveyor Stamp is made to state specifications and comes in 11 ink colors. It's simple to use - just press and print! It has an ink pad built into the stamp. Plus, this self-inking stamp is reinkable and the ink pad is replaceable, so you can keep using it for up to 5,000 impressions. It's the perfect stamp for repetitive stamping! Choose your ink color and add an extra bottle of ink when you order today.

Pre Inked Stamps

Looking for a high-end, precision South Dakota Land Surveyor Stamp? Look no further than the Premium MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamp! These stamps are made to state specifications and backed by our state board guarantee, this stamp is perfect for those who want the best of the best. Comes in 5 ink colors and works in a press-&-print manner for easy, clean stamping. Pick an ink color and get your Premium MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamp today!

Computer Generated Seal

Looking for a way to add your stamp electronically? Look no further than our Digital South Dakota Land Surveyor Digital Seal! This electronic seal is perfect and comes backed by a guarantee so you can be sure it meets all necessary specifications. Available in six different file formats (DXF, DWG, PDF, JPG, TIF, and PNG), this stamp may easily add documents with 300 dpi resolution. Order today and then check your email messages as they are sent soon afterward.

South Dakota Land Surveyor Embossers

South Dakota Land Surveyors require a crisp, clear seal impression that is easy to carry and store. Our South Dakota Land Surveyor Soft Seal easily meets those requirements. The Land Surveyor Soft Seal gives a crisp, clear impression and has a soft rubberized grip on the handle that makes it easier to use. The South Dakota Land Surveyor Embosser is also very lightweight and includes a deluxe leatherette pouch for easy storage. The South Dakota Land Surveyor Soft Seal is guaranteed to meet your South Dakota Land Surveyor Board specifications and is backed by a two-year warranty. Order your South Dakota professional seal today!

About ESS

ESS is the industry leader in stamps and embosser requirements, with knowledgeable professionals who provide service that meets your needs. Shop online today for competitive prices on high-quality products from top brands directly delivered right into your hands with most orders shipping the same day or the next business day. Board Compliance is guaranteed and approved by our State Board Guarantee for professionals.


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