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The Requirements for Delaware PE Seal or Stamp for Engineers

If you are operating as an engineer in the state of Delaware, you are required by law to have an embossed seal that you will apply to your documents. It must be of a design that is authorized by the Council, and it must bear your name, license number, and the words “professional engineer.” The word “licensed,” however, should not appear on the seal.

If you wish, in Delaware you can use either a PE seal or a stamp, but keep in mind that this is in addition to the embossing seal. If you do use a rubber stamp or electronic seal, it must contain the same information as the embossing seal. The seal has to be 1-5/8" in diameter.

Your Obligations as the Holder of a Professional Engineering Seal

Once you are licensed as a professional engineer by the state of Delaware, you have to obtain your embossing seal within six months of the date that your license was approved. If you fail to do so, then the Council will place you in “delinquent” status, and you could be subject to disciplinary action.

Any final drawings, specifications and other documents that relate to your practice of engineering – in other words, your work product – when filed for public record must be dated, and bear both your signature and your seal. If you have original tracings that have been stamped or sealed, then the date of the stamping or sealing must appear beneath your signature.

Many states have very strict, highly complex procedures when it comes to stamping and sealing engineering documents. The state of Delaware does not demand all that much in comparison, essentially stating simply that you have to seal all your final documents, drawings and specifications, and affix your signature adjacent to the seal. This requirement for the use of a Delaware PE seal or stamp also applies to anyone who holds a temporary permit, in which case the signature and permit number of the permittee must be placed immediately adjacent to the seal’s imprint.

If You Lose Your Seal

One area in which the state is every bit as strict as its other counterparts, though, is your obligation if you lose your Delaware PE seal or stamp. You must report the loss immediately. If someone else uses your seal, you are not only risking your professional reputation, you could also be responsible for any damage or harm that occurs as a result of the unauthorized use of your seal. You should always keep your seal in a safe place so that it does not end up being lost or misappropriated.

Recommended Products

You don’t need a huge range of products to be compliant in the state of Delaware. That said, you want to make sure that you buy the products that are best for you and that you get the best possible deal. Products can range a fair bit in price and quality. At Engineer Seal Stamps.com, we offer only the finest products for professional engineers. Although you can use rubber stamps and electronic seals in addition to your embossing seal, you must use the seal itself. The product line includes:

  • Long reach seal embossers
  • Soft seal embossers
  • Extended long reach seal embossers
  • Handheld seal embossers
  • Embossing seals (impression only)
  • Desk seal embossers

We also offer a full range of stamps if you choose to use one along with your seal. We must stress again, though, that the stamp is not a substitute for the seal in Delaware.

If you would like to learn more about the requirements for engineering seals in the state of Delaware, we urge you to visit the Delaware Association of Professional Engineers website.

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