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Understanding and Using New Mexico Engineering Stamps and Seals

  • 3 min read
Understanding and Using New Mexico Engineering Stamps and Seals Feature Post Image

Engineers in New Mexico are required to use specific seals on reports and other engineering documents. The New Mexico engineering stamps and seals must comply with rules and regulations that apply to both their appearance and use. Understanding these requirements will ensure that new licensees obtain and use an appropriate seal for the documents they create.

New Mexico Engineer Seal Requirements

It is important to make sure that any State of New Mexico engineering stamps and seals meet the appearance requirements for the New Mexico State Board. These seals are made up of three circles, with the outermost being 1 ½” in diameter along the edges of the seal.

Each seal will also feature a 1” diameter in the middle of the circle, along with a third circle measuring ½” in diameter. New Mexico engineering stamps and seals must include the licensee’s name at the top of the stamp between the first two circles. Along the bottom space of these circles, the words “Professional Engineer” must be included. The space between the second and third, inner circle will include the words “New Mexico” along the top. Inside the ½” circle, the license number of the engineer is required.

Using a New Mexico Professional Engineer Stamp

In addition to the specific appearance requirements, New Mexico engineering stamps and seals also have rules that must be followed for them to be valid. Users must use the seal on all reports, drawings, and certifications that they develop, or those plans that are developed under their supervision. Engineers who did not create or supervise the creation of the report are not permitted to affix their seal to the project.

When using the New Mexico engineer stamp, it is important to remember that the licensee’s signature and the date must be included. This signature must be handwritten, rather than stamped. New Mexico does allow licensed engineers to use embossers, rubber stamps, and digital facsimiles as long as each one is identical. New Mexico engineering stamps and seals are important for those who are licensed engineers. Using the seal on reports, plats, drawings, and other documents signify that the information contained in the file has been checked, and meets code and other requirements.

Choosing Engineering Seal Options

When it comes to choosing New Mexico engineering stamps and seals, users can opt for a variety of options. These can include pre-inked, self-inking, hand, and other types of rubber stamps. Professional Engineers also have the option of choosing an embosser style seal, which is also available in a wide range of styles.

Each newly licensed professional engineer needs to become familiar with the rules that they are required to follow when choosing New Mexico Professional Engineer Stamp and seals. Taking the time to read through the Professional Engineering and Professional Surveying Rules will ensure that each licensee is aware of, and understands, the rules and regulations in their discipline. The New Mexico State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors website also provides a wealth of information that is useful for those requiring New Mexico engineering stamps and seals per the surveying practice act.

Digital Seals or Electronic Images

Looking to add a touch of professionalism and sophistication to your documents? The New Mexico Digital PE Stamp is perfect for you! This state board-approved electronic image of the PE seal can be overlayed on top of your paperwork, adding an official look that is sure to impress. The digital stamp comes in 6 different file types (DXF, DWG, TIF, JPG, PDF, and PNG) to ensure compatibility with all document types. And with a 300 DPI resolution, your stamped documents will always look crisp and sharp. Best of all, the digital stamp will be delivered to you via email within 1 business day – talk about fast and convenient service! So why wait? Get the New Mexico Digital PE Stamp today!

Self Inking Stamp

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