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Using Your California Land Surveyor Seal

  • 2 min read
California Land Surveyor Seal

As a licensed land surveyor in California, there are rules and requirements that you must follow. One of these includes obtaining a California land surveyor seal that you must use on official documents. Here you will find out what the seal needs to look like, as well as the rules you need to follow to make sure you remain in compliance with the regulations in the state.

Surveyor Seal Requirements in California

Like other states, California has specific requirements for their land surveyor seals. The only size requirement for California land survey seals is that they can’t be less than 1-½” in diameter. The most common size from most manufacturers is 1-5/8” diameter.

There are also several appearance requirements that each seal must follow, including:

  • A larger double circle around the outside of the seal
  • A smaller, single inner circle
  • Within the space between the circles the words “Licensed Land Surveyor” or “Professional Land Surveyor” must be at the top, with the words “State of California” along the bottom
  • Centered in the small circle are the licensee’s name as it is entered on the board-issued certificate and license number

California Land Surveyor Seal Usage Guidelines

Licensees in California are required to follow specific usage guidelines when applying their seals. Any reports, descriptions, plats, maps or other professional documents must have the seal affixed using either a stamp, embosser or electronic image. Each time the seal is used, the licensee’s signature and the date on which the seal was applied are also required. The California land surveyor seal is also required on any documents that include information overseen by two or more licensees. In these situations, each certificate holder must affix his seal, signature and date, and include a short explanation of the work that was completed by him.

California land surveyor seals are also required on reports and other documents that are created under the direct supervision of the certificate holder. It is important that the seal only be used after careful checking of the information contained within it, as the seal designates that the surveyor was in responsible charge of the work completed. This means that the person using the surveyor seal is attesting that the information is complete, correct and complies with all applicable codes and regulations.

Additional Information

It is important for all those who use California land surveyor seals to keep abreast of all changes and updates concerning the use of them. Visiting theCalifornia Land Surveyors Association website frequently will ensure that you are aware of, and in compliance with, all rules and regulations. This is also a great way to find networking opportunities, education and even representation at the state, regional and national levels when it is needed. If you have additional questions about your California land surveyor seal, this website will also provide more information to make sure you understand your requirements.

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