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All You Need to Know About the Utah Architectural Stamp

  • 4 min read
Utah Architectural Stamp

The requirements for using a Utah architectural stamp are very cut and dry, much like the design pattern of the seal itself. Under state laws, architects are required to seal all construction documents so long as they meet the requirements of having been prepared by themselves or by someone they supervised with their Utah architectural stamp and signature.

They may also apply their seal to the work of a fellow architect or engineer, if they meet all the legal requirements, such as in the case of having reviewed their work for standards and accuracy to assist them in getting a permit. The general rule of thumb in the state for applying a Utah architectural stamp of approval is that the professional must have designed, assisted with, oversaw, or helped revise the project.

Utah Architecture Seal Requirements

The state board that handles licensing does not dispense the Utah architectural stamp needed to create official seals. They provide the guidelines and allow professionals to procure the materials from whatever supplier they wish to. Seals may be electronically produced and the state holds the architect responsible for providing adequate digital security to ensure such is not tampered with. Only the cover sheet of specifications is to be fully signed, sealed, and dated. Any architectural stamp used in Utah should produce a seal that meets the following guidelines:

  • The seal should be circular and have a diameter of 1-½" inches. The seal is divided into two concentric circles with an outer border of hollow rope design, and a dotted inner border, set about a half inch from that to designate the central area.
  • It must include the architect's name and license number, which are typically set in the center of the seal, with the name above the number and the number prefixed with (No.) abbreviation.
  • The words “State of Utah” must appear in the upper half of the seal between borders and the words “Licensed Architect” must appear in the lower half of the seal between borders.

Advantages of Using a Utah Architect Stamp

Like most states, the board does not issue the stamping device itself, their job is merely to regulate its use and set forth the requirements. For digitally savvy professionals in the state, a physical Utah architectural stamp may seem unnecessary, given that they freely allow both digital signatures and seals to be used.

However, while computers may always be put down by a lack of outside power or a dead battery, a traditional architectural stamp will never let you down. A self-inking, pre-inked, or embosser-style stamp is a very affordable and intelligent piece of equipment to own. Not only is it an iconic and required tool of the trade, but should you be an architect that prefers to work in digitally but find yourself needing to produce a seal and without your electronic copy, you can always rely on the physical device to make the required Utah architectural stamp.

Where to Purchase a Good Utah Architectural Stamp

While there are thousands of retailers available in person and online these days, one that stands out for stamping supplies is ESS. They specialize in all manner of embossers and stamps and can guarantee that your Utah architectural stamp or embosser is not only of the highest quality but that it meets all the legal requirements for the state.

You can choose from standard hard rubber hand stamps, self-inking, and pre-inked stamps for the very basic and traditional type of seals, or you can get an embosser for a very sophisticated-looking Utah architectural stamp, which has an appearance that no digital seal can reproduce.

Utah Architect Rubber Stamp

This high-quality stamp is made to state specifications and backed by our state board guarantee, so you can be confident that your documents will be properly sealed. The regular wooden handle stamp is easy to use Utah architect seal, and the stamp pads can be switched out for different color combinations.

Plus, this type of Utah architect seal works best if you are using an industrial-grade ink and also works great on mylar, making this stamp perfect for a variety of uses.

Utah Architect Self-Inking Stamp

Self-Inking Utah Architect Stamps are perfect for repetitive stamping and have a state board guarantee. They're available in 11 ink colors and have a smooth action printing mechanism. Each self-inking stamp can make up to 5,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked. When the ink starts to run low, simply replacing the internal ink pad is all needed.


Regardless of whether you choose a traditional rubber stamp, self-inking or pre-inked stamp, an embosser for the very sophisticated look, or even digital signatures and seals – all are acceptable in Utah. However, there is no substitute for reliability for getting the job done right. Making sure that your documents have been properly sealed with a high-quality Stamp Utah Architect device from a trusted provider like ESS should give you peace of mind knowing that you’re following state regulations.

With their top-notch products guaranteed by the State Board and 11 ink colors available, as well as up to 5 thousand impressions before needing re-inking - investing in one of these stamps could be just what you need to keep your business running smoothly!

About ESS

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