Washington’s Architectural Stamps

The health, safety, and welfare of the public depend upon the integrity of many professionals who practice various occupations across the nation. From bus drivers to food servers and everyone in between, we rely on the professional training and education of the individual as well as their adherence to both national and state guidelines to keep us all safe.

The importance of this integrity is especially true when it comes to architects, engineers, and the like. And although there are national guidelines these professionals need to know and follow their specific state rules too. Washington State has its protocol for use of Washington architectural stamps. The Washington State Board for Architects authorizes all seals in Washington.

Washington Architecture Seal Requirements

When it comes to the actual Washington architectural stamps, there are several guidelines to follow. Rubber stamps, embossed stamps, and digital stamps are all acceptable and must contain the following:

  • Washington State licensed architect’s name
  • Washington State licensed architect’s license number
  • “Registered Architect, State of Washington”
  • Approved design provided by the Washington State Department of Licensing, provided by the Washington State Board for Architects
  • No size or shape requirements however the stamps typically are in the shape of the state (rectangular) and measure approximately 1.63” x 1.243”

Insuring Compliance with the Washington State Board

Buildings and other structures are designed by a professional architect with many variables being considered simultaneously. From climatic concerns that vary by area of the country as well as part of each state to aesthetic desires from clients, the professional architect must employ his or her knowledge of this complex industry to create plans that are safe above all else.

The Washington architectural stamps represent that all of the many intricate guidelines and specifications have been met by the professional architect involved with the designing and planning of the building or structure.

Documents Requiring Washington Architectural Stamps

Another area that can vary by state, the specific documents to which the Washington architectural stamps must be affixed is designated by the Washington State Board for Architects.

For Washington State, the law requires the following documents to carry the Washington architectural stamp:

  • All technical submissions for building permits or regulations (filed with proper jurisdictions)
  • Drawings prepared by the Washington State licensed architect
  • Specifications and technical submissions must be sealed with Washington architect’s stamps on the cover page, title pages, and all table of contents pages
  • All seals must also be signed by the licensed architect holding the Washington architect’s stamps

The documents listed above which require the stamp and seal, are to be prepared only by the professional architect who is licensed and holds the Washington architect’s stamps. Keep in mind that in addition to the official Washington architect’s stamps, the architect must also put his or her signature across the seal to insure authenticity.

Exceptions to this are if the plans were prepared by an employee of the licensed architect and were reviewed in their entirety by the architect possessing the official Washington architect’s stamps. This holds for anyone with whom the architect has worked with them as a subcontractor or another architect that the Washington State licensed architect is working with collaboratively.

Once the architect places his or her official Washington architect’s stamps on the document, they then become the architect of record and are responsible for all aspects of the design or plans to the same extent as if he or she had created the plans and designs themselves.

Washington Architect Stamp Options

As a Washington architect, you have several options when it comes to what type of Washington architect stamp you can have. Below are some of the most popular choices.

Architect Rubber Stamp

This state board guaranteed and made to State Specifications stamp is perfect for industrial inks, featuring a regular wooden handle. Plus easily switch out the ink pad for different colors - giving you an economical but reliable option when it comes to mylar stamping. Don't miss this high-quality product; get yours now!

Washington Architect Self Inking Stamps

Embrace the power of efficiency with this Self-Inking Washington Architect Stamp! Its press and print design eliminates any hassle, giving you an easy way to make your mark on every project. Boasting up to 5,000 impressions before needing refilling—this reliable stamp is ideal for all long-term professional endeavors. Choose from 11 ink colors with this self-inking stamp!

Architect Pre Inked Stamps

As an architect, you want to show the world that your work is of utmost importance and deserves recognition. Our Slim Pre-Inked Washington Architect Seal Stamp makes sure no one overlooks it! This stamp meets state board specifications and guarantees performance with a 6-month warranty. Its incredibly slim design enables convenience while its simple press & print system allows up to 15K impressions before needing re-inking - delivering excellence without mess or worry over breakable parts. With 5 ink colors available, this seal solution provides maximum impact in all professional applications – so get ready for others to take notice as they embrace quality through every impression made!


It is important to remember that the law requires all technical submissions for building permits or regulations, drawings prepared by a Washington State licensed architect, and specifications to be sealed with a Washington Architect stamp. All other technical submissions must also be signed by the licensed architect holding the official stamp in order to ensure authenticity. With several options of stamps available from rubber stamps to pre-inked and self-inking models, you can find one which suits your needs as an architect perfectly. Don't forget - when it comes to other technical submissions, make sure they are signed across the seal for maximum impact!

About ESS

At ESS, we know that it is important to make sure that your Washington architect seal meets all of the state regulations. We work hard to make sure all of our professional stamps are up to date with board specifications. Plus, all of our professional seals come with a complimentary set of eseals when a physical stamp or seal is purchased sent in a jpg format and other file formats.

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