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What You Need to Know about Vermont’s Architect Seal

Architects everywhere bear the responsibility of designing and often seeing through to completion buildings and structures that are not only safe but also aesthetically pleasing. It is essential for architects across the country to adhere to certain criteria in order to maintain the safety of the public. The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) provides rules of conduct or guidelines for architect professionals nationwide. In addition to these guidelines, there are also state-specific rules these professionals must follow in order to maintain their licensure.

One of the most important signs of a licensed architect who adheres to state and national guidelines is an architect’s seal. An architect’s seal is recognizable and essential in this industry. Other professions also require professional seals such as engineers, landscaping architects and land surveyors.

Understand Vermont’s Architect Seal

In the state of Vermont, as well as all other states, one of these rules is regarding the use of Vermont’s official architect seal issued by the state. All states require architects to use an official seal in order to insure, to the best of their abilities, the health, safety and welfare of the public. In fact, insuring that these three criteria are met is the most important obligation of a professional architect.

Vermont, like most states, has their own individual specifications as to the use of Vermont’s architect seal, as well as the specifics of the seal itself.

The seal must fall within the following guidelines to be official:

  • Diameter of 1-5/8"
  • “Licensed Architect” terminology appears on seal
  • “State of Vermont” appears on seal
  • Rubber stamp seal or embossing seal
  • Architect’s name
  • Architect's license number

How to Follow Vermont’s Architect Seal Protocol

The architect-specific seal needs to be on each piece of material the architect is required by law to ‘approve’ per state guidelines. The Vermont law requires the following from an architect in the state:

  • Display of State of Vermont certificate of licensure in primary place of business
  • An official state seal
  • Official seal on all plans, specifications or other design documents either created by the licensed architect or an associate or colleague whose design was directly overseen by the licensed architect who holds a valid architectural license in the state of Vermont

It is essential that the architect’s seal be used with a valid Vermont architect’s license. Once the architect is licensed in the state of Vermont, he or she will be sent a replica of the architect’s seal to be used in Vermont. It is then the responsibility of the architect to purchase a seal adhering to the size requirements, which includes his or her name and license number. When this is architect’s seal is completed, the architect must send an imprint of the final seal, with his name and license number, to the state offices.

An architect is responsible for designing plans for buildings and structures. In many cases, the architect sees the process through to the completion of construction. When the architect designs the plan for each specific structure, he or she considers numerous variables in the design. From aesthetics to safety, the architect is responsible for creating a structure that meets specific code guidelines and is a sound building for the area for which it is built. The architect’s seal is mandated to show that the criteria, often complex, have been met and specifications followed in designing the structure’s building plan.

Vermont’s architect seal relies on the architect’s education, skills and knowledge and adherence of the state and national guidelines to ensure a structure they either design or supervise the design supports the health, safety, and welfare of all of the public.

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