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Wisconsin PE Embossers for Engineers

In Wisconsin, every engineer has to have either an embossing seal or a rubber stamp that conforms to the rules that are set out by the Engineering Board for the state. In some states, the requirements are less stringent than they are in others, but Wisconsin is a state that has fairly strict standards. You do have some flexibility, though, in that you can use either a seal or a rubber stamp.

The Requirements

Wisconsin PE embossers or stamps must comply with board specifications. The overall diameter can be no smaller than 1-5/8", and no larger than 2". Each stamp or seal must include the name of the registrant, the permit number, and the name of both the city and the state. You can, however, use an abbreviation for the state. The typical seal is 1.625 inches in diameter.

The Law

Under Wisconsin law, you can use a Wisconsin PE embosser seal that includes the information supplied above, or a rubber stamp that is identical in design, content and size to a board approved seal.

Every set of documents, drawings, reports and plans that is submitted must be signed, sealed and dated by either the registrant or the permit holder who was responsible for directing and preparing the written material.

If more than one sheet is bound (as in a volume), then the permit holder or registrant may sign, date and seal only the index sheet or the title, provided that the signed sheet clearly identifies all the other sheets in the volume, and that any sheets that are prepared by any other permit holder and registrant are also signed, dated and sealed by the primary registrant or permit holder. This applies also to revisions.

All Wisconsin PE embosser seals or stamps that are affixed to specifications and drawings must be original. Electronic scans are not permitted, nor are stickers. All stamps and seals must be signed and dated as follows:

  • In permanent ink that contrasts with the background and the seal
  • Using an approved electronic signature
  • Adhering to any other requirements for seals and signatures that are required by statute

Out of State Engineers

If plans, calculations and specifications have been prepared by an engineer other than one registered in the State of Wisconsin, they can be submitted providing that they have been prepared by an engineer who is licensed in another state, or under the supervision of an engineer licensed in another state. Then they must be certified by a professional engineer or an architect registered in the state of Wisconsin, along with statements to the effect that they comply with all state building codes and other laws. The reviewing engineer or architect must state that he or she will be responsible for supervising the construction work, adhering to state, county and municipal requirements. An explanation must also be provided as to why the supervising engineer is not actually performing the work.

Products Available

Acorn Sales Company Incorporated can provide you with the stamps, seals, and other products you need to meet the requirements of the State of Wisconsin, including:

  • Rubber stamps and embossing seals
  • Long reach seal embossers
  • Soft seal embossers
  • Slim pre-inked stamps
  • Self-inking stamps
  • Regular hand rubber stamps
  • Max light pre-inked stamps
  • Handheld seal embossers
  • Extended long reach seal embossers
  • Desk seal embossers

Additional information is available from theWisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

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