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A Quick Guide to Colorado Notary Supplies

  • 4 min read
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Do you know what a notary public is? In Colorado, a notary public is defined as an individual commissioned by the Secretary of State to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths. A notary public has a variety of responsibilities, but one of the most important is to ensure that documents are properly signed and notarized. To do this, a notary public must have a supply of Colorado notary supplies.

Notary supplies are items that help a notary public to perform their duties effectively. Journals are used to record the details of every notarization, and Notary Certificates are used to certify that a document has been properly signed and witnessed.

What Supplies Does A Colorado Notary Need?

A Colorado notary needs a few supplies to perform their duties. The most important of these is the rectangular notary stamp. The rectangular notary stamps are the most important supply for a Colorado Notary. This rubber Colorado notary stamp and seal contains all of the information required by state law, including the notary's name, commission number, and expiration date. The stamp must be purchased from a supplier that is approved by the Secretary of State. It is important to keep an accurate and up-to-date record of all notarizations to avoid any legal issues down the road.

Notaries in Colorado are also required to maintain a surety bond. This bond protects the public from any losses incurred because of improper or illegal notarization. The bond must be obtained from a surety company that is licensed to do business in Colorado.

How To Order Colorado Notary Supplies?

If you need notary supplies in the state of Colorado, you have a few different options available to you. You can order your supplies through a local supplier, an online supplier, or directly from the state.

Local Suppliers:

Local suppliers typically have a good selection of supplies and can usually get them to you relatively quickly. The downside to using a local supplier is that they may not have the specific item that you are looking for in stock, and you may have to settle for a different product.

Online Suppliers:

Several online suppliers sell notary supplies. The advantage of using an online supplier is that you can usually find exactly what you are looking for and have it shipped directly to your door.

The Benefits Of Using The Right Colorado Notary Stamps

It is important to use the right supplies to perform your duties correctly. Notary supplies help you to create a professional impression and maintain accurate records.

Here are some of the benefits of using the right Colorado notary supplies:

The right supplies help you to create a professional impression. First and foremost, having the proper notary supplies on hand conveys account support to your clients that you are a professional. This first impression is crucial in establishing trust with potential clients, as it will show that you are organized and prepared to handle their notarization needs and commission expiration date.

Maintain Accurate Records

Notary supplies help you to maintain accurate records. Keeping track of the notarizations you perform is important for both legal and tax purposes. Notary supplies such as self-inking stamps with the Notary ID Number help you to create a record of each notarization, which can be easily stored and referenced as needed.

Right Supplies

Using the right supplies can help you to avoid mistakes. Notaries are expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct and using the wrong supplies can lead to errors in your notarizations. For example, using the wrong type of notary seal can invalidate a notarization, so it is important to be sure that you have the correct supplies on hand before beginning your work. When you use the right Colorado notary supplies, you will be able to maintain accurate records. This can help you to avoid mistakes and ensure that you can perform your duties correctly.


The state of Colorado has specific requirements for notaries public, which include having the proper supplies.

To Become a Notary Public in Colorado, You Must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Be a resident of the state of Colorado
  3. Complete an accredited six-hour notary public education course
  4. Submit a Colorado Notary Public Application to the Secretary of State’s office
  5. Be fingerprinted and have a background check completed
  6. Purchase a surety bond
  7. Pay the required filing fees
  8. Take and pass the notary public examination
  9. Obtain your official Colorado notary public supplies

As you can see, having the proper supplies is essential to becoming a notary public in Colorado.

Notary Stamp Choices

You will need a rectangular stamp with a border but you can choose between a traditional regular rubber stamp, a self-inking stamp, or a pre-inked stamp. Our most popular choice for the Colorado notary stamp is the self-inking version.

Self Inking Stamp

The Self-Inking Rectangular Colorado Notary Stamp comes backed by the state board guarantee, ensuring its quality. This notary stamp is available in 11 Ink Colors of your choice, perfect for any situation. The simple press and print design make stamping a breeze. It has a built-in ink pad that can be refilled or replaced. This is an excellent choice for repetitive stamping. With up to 5,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked, this Self-Inking Notary Stamp is a great choice for any new notary public. The water-based stamp ink is perfect for any document, and the clear base makes it easy to line up the stamp. This product also comes with a 6-month warranty on stamp performance, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable notary stamp.


If you are a notary in the state of Colorado, you will need to purchase your supplies from a reputable source. There are many options available to you, but we recommend using our store for all your notary needs. We offer a wide selection of Colorado notary stamps and seals, and our prices are very competitive. We also offer fast shipping and excellent customer service. So, if you need Colorado notary supplies, be sure to check us out!

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