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Buying Your Ohio Engineer Seal

The purpose of this seal is to provide authority to all professional documentation. Individual state laws indicate whether embossing seals or ink stamps are the preferred requirement as well as what information must appear on the seal.

Legal Requirements

It is important to note that all engineers working in the state under licensure are required to keep their Ohio engineer’s embosser under control at all times. Unguarded access to it should be denied, as this can result in unauthorized use.

When Should It Be Used?

There are many cases where the official Ohio engineer’s embosser is required. All specifications, drawings, or technical documentation requires an official seal. Engineers practicing in the state should apply their seal to forms submitted to government entities or regulatory authorities which pertain to the job, such as documents submitted to an official review committee. Reports that offer engineering direction require signatures and Ohio engineer’s embosser. 

Drawings bound into reports are not required to have the seal if the document in which the drawings are contained has the Ohio engineer’s embosser. Should the drawings be part of a larger document that is not sealed then each drawing needs to be sealed individually. There are other cases where professional engineers might consider applying the seal such as any documentation that contains instructions founded in professional judgment, professional opinions, or even engineering calculations. It is up to the discretion of the professional to determine which situations warrant the use of the Ohio engineer’s embosser.

There are some cases where the Ohio engineer’s embosser is not legally required. For example: As a licensed engineer in the state, the embossed seal you have is yours to keep and use and no employer has the right to control the seal even if they were the ones who paid for it. Legally the Ohio engineer’s embosser belongs to the person whose name is listed on it or for whom it was purchased and must be maintained by that individual and that individual alone.

What Will the Seal Look Like?

The Ohio engineer’s embosser and stamps both come in a diameter of 1-5/8". The rubber stamp is 1-¾". The seal must bear the legend “registered professional engineer” or “surveyor” and it must contain the name of the licensee and their serial number. For professional engineers the prefix “E” for “engineer” must be located in front of the serial number.

What Products Can I Select?

The state of Ohio has available to engineers a range of official Ohio engineer’s embosser which include soft seal embossers and handheld seal embossers, as well as desk embossers. Also available are extended long reach seal embossers, long reach seal embossers, or traditional embossing seals. If you opt to use the stamp in lieu of or in conjunction with the embosser, the state also provides a variety of stamps that can be used by professionals including slim pre-inked stamps, self-inking stamps, as well as the regular hand rubber stamps, and maxlight pre-inked stamps.

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