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If you are a engineer living in the state of California, you are likely aware that there are specific requirements that must be met in order to practice engineering in the state. One important requirement is having a California engineer seal or stamp on your professional documents. In this blog post, we will discuss what you need to know about California engineer stamps and seals, including rules and regulations, what type of products are available, and how to obtain one.

What are the California PE Stamp and Seal Requirements for Professional Engineers?

California law requires that every California Professional Engineer (PE) have an embossed seal, stamp, or electronic image of their California Engineer Stamp. The PE stamp must be a minimum of 1-1/2 inches and a maximum of 2 inches. The California PE stamp must contain the following information: the words “Professional Engineer”, “Registered Professional Engineer”, or “Licensed Professional Engineer” in the top arc; the discipline is required on the stamp or seal; and the licensee’s name as it appears on the certificate issued by the Board, within the bottom border of the California stamp along with the words “State of California.” The Expiration date on the stamp is an optional component typically if an engineer desires the expiration date on the stamp it is reflected by the words "Exp. _____" under the license number.

Licensed Engineers are responsible for ensuring that their California Engineer Stamp meets these requirements.

Who can use the California Professional Engineer Stamp?

Per the professional engineers act Section 6701, any person who uses or offers to use engineering services in California must be licensed as a professional engineer by the California State Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists (Board). Business and Professions Code (BPC) section 6751 provides that only licensed professional engineers may use seals, stamps, or electronic images of such seals in connection with their practice of engineering.

How to get a California Professional Engineer Stamp?

All licensed engineers in California are required to have a current and valid Engineer Stamp. The Board does not issue or sell stamps.

Online Retailers

You can purchase your own engineer stamp from many different sources, including online retailers such as ESS. Be sure to select a reputable source that offers high-quality products and services. When you are ready to purchase your California Professional Engineer Stamp, be sure to your licensee's name, license number, and engineering discipline prior to ordering.

Self Inking Stamp

A self-inking stamp is a versatile tool these operate in a press and print manner to stamp on paper and are good for around 5,000 impressions before you will need to add ink or change the pads. Most stamps are available in different ink colors and types and can be produced within one business day.

Electronic Seal or Digital Image of Stamp

An Electronic Seal or Digital Stamp is a computer-generated file that will have your seal information. These are available in a wide variety of formats including ones such as PNG files that offer a transparent background. New and important updates our with the seals we provide. Signature overlays may be added on to the electronic seal. A Black Signature is most common but you may choose a blue signature or red signature to determine if seal is an original document or copy.

About ESS

ESS is a lead supplier of professional seals and stamps including ones used by land surveyors and engineers. All of the stamps we produce are in accordance with the California board. Most of our products ship within a business day from the time the order is submitted. We do offer a PDF proof option before ordering if desired. If you have any additional information please contact us or send us a note.

ESS Advantage

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