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Make Sure Your New Hampshire Engineering Seals and Stamps Meet All Requirements

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Make Sure Your New Hampshire Engineering Seals and Stamps Meet All Requirements Feature Post Image

As an engineer in New Hampshire, you are required to use a specific seal on all reports and other official documents. The following will give you a better understanding of the New Hampshire engineering seals and stamps to make sure you comply with the regulations that pertain to your engineering discipline.

New Hampshire Engineer Seal Requirements

In the State of New Hampshire, engineering seals must have an outside diameter of 1 9/16” and an inside diameter of 15/16”. The larger outer circle contains a smaller inner circle that must be in the form of an unbroken line.

Between these two circles, the words “State of New Hampshire” must be along the top of the seal along with “Professional Engineer” along the bottom. Within the smaller inner circle, New Hampshire engineering stamps and seals must include your name over three lines, your licensing number, and the word “licensed” along the bottom.

Checking Your License Number and Name

Some board offices do not require a licensed engineer to have their seal or stamp match their information as shown on their certificate from the state but New Hampshire does. It is safe to triple-check your license number and license name even if it contains a middle initial when you are ordering your New Hampshire Professional stamp or seal to make sure that it matches the license number and license name on your certificate.

Using Your Engineer Seal or Engineer Stamp

There are also requirements for using New Hampshire engineering seals and self-inking stamps. Any time you create plans, specifications, drawings, reports, and other documents that will be used in an official capacity, the seal must be used.

Any time documents are submitted to obtain permits, construction, and any other reports that will be used professionally, engineers must make sure that their official seal is used, and affixed to the documents. Documents that are considered preliminary do not require the seal, as long as it is marked as being such.

New Hampshire engineering seals and stamps can be obtained from any stamp or embosser manufacturer. However, it is important that each form, whether an inked stamp, an embosser or a digital option, is identical to the seals required by the state.

New Hampshire seals and stamps can only be used on documents that the engineer created or those that were created by others under his supervision. Additionally, affixing your seal to an official document denotes that you have verified all information and made sure that it meets all local and state requirements and codes.

It is also important to make sure that you are aware of the date on which your license expires. Using a seal after licensing has expired is considered a violation.

New Hampshire seals and stamps are available in a variety of rubber stamp options, including those that are self-inking or pre-inked. Engineers may also choose to use an embosser to affix the seal to the appropriate documents, or stamps that require manual inking for application.

New Hampshire Professional Engineer Stamp and Administrative Rules

When it comes to using New Hampshire seals and stamps, and making sure you are following all requirements, it is important that newly licensed engineers take the time to read through the New Hampshire Professional Engineers Administrative Rules.

This will make sure you understand exactly what is required of you and the usage of your official seal to ensure you remain in compliance with the rules and regulations that apply to your engineering discipline.


Digital Seal or Electronic Image

Need to file online or seal in AutoCAD? Looking for a pdf or jpg format for your professional engineer seal? Looking for an easy and convenient way to get your New Hampshire Professional Engineer Stamp? Look no further than our digital New Hampshire Professional Engineer Stamp! This engineer stamp is state board approved and includes 6 different file types (DXF, DWG, TIF, JPG, PDF, and PNG) so you can use it for any document you need to seal. Plus, it's guaranteed to meet all of your state board specifications. And with a resolution of 300 DPI, it's perfect for printing! Just add your signature overlay (optional) to the file and you're ready to go!

New Hampshire Professional Engineer Self-Inking Stamp

The Self-Inking New Hampshire PE Stamp is a state board-approved stamp that comes with a free electronic seal. It includes 6 file types: DXF, DWG, TIF, JPG, PDF, and PNG. It is guaranteed to meet your state board specifications and is available in 11 ink colors. This simple press and print professional engineer stamp is perfect for repetitive stamping and leaves up to 5,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked. The inked pads are replaceable when the ink starts running low. This self-inking stamp is great for repetitive stamping.



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