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Understanding Nevada Engineering Seals and Their Usage

  • 4 min read
Understanding Nevada Engineering Seals and Their Usage Feature Post Image

Licensed engineers in Nevada are required to use a seal when creating official reports, plans, drawings, and other documents. The use of this seal is important, as it signifies that the engineer assumes responsibility for the information contained in the paperwork or plans and certifies that they meet all code and compliance requirements. The following information will help you better understand Nevada engineering seals and how they must be used.

State of Nevada Engineering Seal Requirements

Like other states, the Nevada Board has specific requirements that engineers must follow when obtaining a Nevada Engineer seal. Each seal has to be 1 11/16” in diameter, regardless of whether it is a stamp or embossing seal. The Nevada engineering seals must match the appearance requirements as well, which include:

  • A larger circle around the outside of the seal with a smaller one inside
  • The words “Professional Engineer – State of Nevada” and the license number between the circles
  • The engineer’s name
  • License expiration (optional)
  • Engineering discipline

Those who have licensing in more than one engineering discipline will require a separate stamp for each discipline. However, those who are licensed in structural and civil engineering can use a single stamp for both.

Nevada Professional Engineer Stamp Usage

When using Nevada engineering seals, engineers are required to sign their license name and include the date across the center of the stamp. This signature can’t obscure the licensing number or name on the stamp or impression. Nevada engineering seals are required on all plats, reports, specifications, plans, and other paperwork.

Use of the seal denotes that the engineer has “responsible charge of the work”, which means that he supervised the work contained in the plans, or has supervised the person creating the documents and has ensured the information is professional and meets all requirements.

Nevada engineering seals are required on all reports, records, surveying maps, specifications, and other documents that are submitted as formal documents, required for permit purposes, or are being released for construction to any client or authority. Anything that is not considered final, or is marked as preliminary does not require a Nevada engineer seal.

Obtaining a Nevada Professional Engineer Stamp

Any engineer who is licensed in the state of Nevada is required to obtain a Nevada engineer seal. Nevada engineering seals are available from manufacturers or retailers of stamps, providing that the finished stamp meets the requirements set forth by the state. It is the engineer’s responsibility to obtain an appropriate stamp or embosser for use on official reports.

In addition to making sure that the State of Nevada engineering seals meets all requirements, users must also make sure to include the appropriate signature and date for the seal to be valid.

The Nevada State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors website provides a wealth of information about seals and other relevant information. It is always recommended that engineers verify all information on the website to ensure that any updated rules and regulations are incorporated into the use of Nevada engineering seals, as well as helping to keep abreast of any changes in other rules and requirements in the field.

Nevada Professional Engineer Self-Inking Stamp

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Engineering seals are an important part of any formal engineering document. In Nevada, it is required by law to have a seal on all documents submitted for permit purposes or released for construction. It is the responsibility of the engineer to make sure that the seal meets all state requirements and includes the appropriate signature and date. The State of Nevada State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors website provides a wealth of information about seals and other relevant information. Always verify information on the website to ensure that updated rules and regulations are incorporated into the use of the Nevada engineer seal.

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