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New York Land Surveyor Seal Requirements & Stamp Regulations

  • 3 min read
New York Land Surveyor Stamp

As in other states, if you want to start working as a land surveyor in the state of New York, you’re going to need a seal provided by the state. The New York Land Surveyor Seal is fairly distinct when compared to those provided throughout the country. However, you still want to be careful before using yours to ensure it complies. Let’s begin by looking at the measurements of an official seal.

New York Seal Requirements and Regulations

The appearance of your New York land surveyor seal will differ from those you may have seen issued back in 1984, the last time the design was changed. Those stamps shouldn’t be in use anymore though.

The Dimensions of a New York Licensed Land Surveyor Seal

Whether you choose to use the stamp or an embossing seal—both are perfectly fine to use in New York State —the seal should measure 1-3/4" in diameter and circular in shape.

Aside from the circular shape, there is also an inner circle on the New York land surveyor seal. Between the perimeter and the inner circle, you’ll read “State of New York” across the top. This is offset by two stars with, “Licensed Land Surveyor” going across the bottom.

The most distinct part of this stamp is that it includes the great seal of New York right in the middle, per the new york laws.

Your Licensed Land Surveyor License Number

Below that, but above the outer circle, is where your unique license number should be displayed. Sometimes, this license number may include a dash, though this is not always the case. A New York land surveyor seal will never include a License prefix though. Some may add a “-1” at the end to offset the number from others.

Engineer or Land Surveyor and Dual Discipline Stamps

Many of you may think you need two stamps because you’re both a land surveyor and engineer. In New York, though, you can cover both with one seal. It just means that your New York land surveyor seal will read, “Licensed Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor” across the bottom.

It only takes a minute or two to inspect the New York land surveyor seal you were issued and ensure it matches all of the above requirements before using it.

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Self Inking Stamp

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This stamp is made to state specifications and features a regular wooden handle for easy use. You can also use it with a separate stamp pad for a more personalized look. Stamp Ink Pads can be changed around if need to quickly change the ink color.

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