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Texas Landscape Architect Stamp Requirements and Regulations

  • 5 min read
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As a Texas landscape architect, being aware of board regulations is important to do your job properly. One of the essential things to be aware of is which rubber stamps and seals can be used on professional projects. Unfortunately, you can’t just choose any embossing seal since every state has unique rules about them. This article will delve into all Texas landscape architect seals and stamp regulations. We’ll share the essential points to be aware of when choosing tools for your office or work on the road. This includes the size and shape of the seal as well as what information is included on it. In addition, we’ll share a selection of products made for your use.

Texas Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

So, wondering what to look for on seals and stamps to be sure they meet board rules. Keep the following three things in mind:

  • Texas allows the use of embossing seals, rubber stamps, or both.
  • Sizes can range from 1-½ to 1-5/8 inches in diameter but no smaller.
  • All stamps and seals should include the word “Registered.”

You can use rubber stamps or embossing seals based on your preferences. It should be no smaller than 1-½ inches in diameter, but most people choose seals 1 5/8 inches in diameter. The seal needs to include the word “Registered” and a five-point star. The use of rubber stamps, impression seals, or electronic seals is allowed.

Any seal chosen for use must create a legible and clear image on original and copied documents. The seal has a braided outer border and a solid inner border. The outer seal should say “Registered Landscape Architect” on top and “State of Texas” on the bottom. The inside of the seal will list your name and license number.

How To Contact the Texas State Board

If you need to contact the board with a question or information, you want to reach out to the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners. The board website has information about board members, events, licensing, and membership. You can also contact the board by mail at the address below:

Texas Board of Architectural Examiners

PO Box 12337

Austin, TX 78711

Texas Landscape Architect Stamp & Seal Options

With the guidelines above in mind, you probably want to ensure that the embossing seals and rubber stamps you buy meet all state rules. When you order from our collection of high-quality products, you never have to worry about tools being denied by the board. We provide a guarantee that seals and stamps will meet all regulations.

We also go above and beyond using the best materials and most modern techniques to create innovative stamps and seals. Each of them comes with a set of digital seals in various formats for use on electronic documents. We pride ourselves on offering products that last. You can also expect your stamps and seals to be sent out quickly.

Registered Landscape ArchitectSoft Seal Embosser

The Soft Seal Embosser is the first product we want to share with Texas landscape architects. This is a hybrid model that can be used anywhere you need to work with documents. It even comes with a deluxe leatherette pouch to keep it protected from dirt and debris. This embosser is comfortable to use and made with precision parts.

You can expect extra comfort when using this embosser due to the rubber material on the handle.

Slim Pre-Inked TexasLandscape Architect Stamp

For those who prefer stamps in bright colors, we offer the Slim Pre-Inked Stamp. This is another option for travel that easily fits in your pocket or briefcase. In addition, you can feel good about ordering this stamp since it’s made using a LEM flash process and 50% post-consumer recycled content. This stamp makes images through a quick press and print operation anyone can use.

Self-Inking TexasLandscape Architect Stamp

When you choose the Self-Inking Stamp, you’ll be able to make up to 5,000 impressions on documents immediately. Adding more ink is easy and makes the stamp last even longer. This stamp uses a laser-engraved die to create crisp images and has an elegant design for any location you work as a landscape architect. This stamp comes with several ink colors so it’s up to you which one you go with.

Regular Hand Rubber TexasRegistered Landscape Architect Stamp

Stamps don’t have to have all sorts of new features to do the job for a Texas landscape architect. Our Regular Hand Rubber Stamp is a convenient desk model that consists of a sturdy wooden handle with a large stamp on the bottom. It has a laser-engraved die for precision and creates a unique aesthetic in the office. You can order ink pads in various colors at the same time as you buy the stamp.

MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamp

The final stamp we want to share with Texas landscape architects is the MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamp. When it comes to longevity and lack of maintenance, it’s a great choice. It comes inked to make more than 15,000 impressions on essential documents. It’s also made of top materials to ensure all images are clear and bright. These pre-inked stamps are available in 5 ink colors and include a free protective dust cover.

Long Reach Seal Embosser

Extra reach is something many landscape architects want in their tools and the Long Reach Seal Embosser makes that a reality. This embosser can reach 2-½ inches into a sheet of paper to create clean impressions every time. This is a desk embosser that has a sleek look. It also has a 2-year warranty on the seal. Expect top comfort and accessibility in a gorgeous package with this embosser.

Handheld Seal Embosser

Portable and simple to use, the Handheld Seal Embosser is everything a Texas landscape architect could want. It’s ideal for someone who spends time in the office and the field. The embosser is made of strong materials to stand up to heavy use. It has a 1-½ inch reach and goes through documents quickly. This embosser comes with a deluxe leatherette pouch to keep it in great shape.

Extended Long Reach Seal Embosser

The first thing you should know about the Extended Long Reach Seal Embosser is that it can reach 4-½ inches on a sheet of paper. That’s only the start of how impressive this landscape architect tool is. It’s made of premium materials and includes a 2-year warranty on the embossing seal. In addition to the embosser, you’ll also easily line up impressions with the free adjustable paper guide.

Desk Seal Embosser

Last but not least is our extremely functional Desk Seal Embosser. It has a streamlined design that will look great in any space. The embosser has a heavy base to sit wherever you want it on your desk. It also offers a sliding lock mechanism for storage and handling. In addition, the embosser offers 1-½ inches of reach.

This embosser includes a 2-year warranty for total peace of mind with your purchase.

Any Rubber Stamp or Embossing Seal

These seals and stamps meet the guidelines set forth by the Texas state board for landscape architects. In addition, they’re made of durable materials and designed to last. You can also take a look at our other tools for the job. Again, no matter what you choose, it will meet the guidelines and ship out quickly.

About ESS

We know that you soon as you registered, you are ready to purchase your Texas Landscape Architect stamp. Not only are our seals made to state standards and backed with a state board guarantee, but they will also ship quickly from our store in Richmond, VA.

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