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Understanding the Georgia Land Surveyor Stamp

  • 2 min read
Georgia Land Surveyor Stamp

When it comes to being a licensed land surveyor in Georgia, there are some requirements that you must follow. Obtaining and using a Georgia land surveyor stamp is one of these requirements, and it is imperative that licensees understand exactly what the seal is, what it needs to look like and how it must be used in order to avoid penalties and fines. Here, you will find all of this information so you can make sure you are following all regulations.

Georgia Land Surveyor Stamp Regulations

Georgia land surveyor stamps must meet certain size and appearance requirements. The seal must be 1-½” in diameter and in the form of either a rubber stamp or an embossing seal. The stamp consists of two circles, with the outer being 1-½” in diameter and the inner one being 1” in diameter. In the space created between the circles the stamp needs to contain “Georgia” in the top arc and the licensee’s name in the bottom arc. Inside the inner circle, each Georgia land surveyor stamp must have the word “Registered” at the top of the circle and “Land Surveyor” at the bottom. In the center of the space in the inner circle, the prefix “No.” is followed by the license number on one straight line, followed by the word “Professional” right below it. Users also have the option of adding the “LS” prefix in front of the license number, but it is not required.

Using a Georgia Land Surveyor Stamp

Any plat, report, plan, specification or other document created by the licensee must have the Georgia land surveyor stamp on it. The seal is also required on documents that are created under the direct supervision of the surveyor. However, if neither of these rules apply, it is unlawful for the licensee to use his or her seal stamp.

Using a Georgia land surveyor stamp indicates that the licensee has gone over the information and deemed it correct and following all applicable codes. As such, the person whose seal is affixed is responsible for all the information in the report or document, including anything that is incorrect. If you use the seal without taking the time to review the information, or you simply affix it to information that is not your own, you are committing fraudulent misconduct. If this occurs, you will be subject to penalties and fines, which can include suspension or revocation of your licensing in some cases.

Being aware of the rules and requirements of using a Georgia land surveyor stamp will ensure that you remain in compliance throughout the period of your licensing. For additional information, make sure to contact your local board for assistance and to keep up with any changes to the regulations that may occur at any time.