Kentucky Land Surveyor Stamp

Once you have gained your licensing in Kentucky, a land surveyor stamp is required on all plats, reports, specifications, surveys and other documents. It’s a good idea to make sure you understand exactly what your seal needs to look like, and how it should be used. Keep reading to find out what you need to know to maintain compliance as a Kentucky land surveyor.


There are options available for your Kentucky land surveyor stamp, but you are required to use either a metallic embossing seal or a rubber stamp with ink. Unlike most other states, the Kentucky seal is square rather than round, so you need to make sure the setup you are considering is of the proper shape.

You can also use a digital facsimile of your Kentucky land surveyor stamp, providing that you have the original documents on file that contains the seal in its required format. Additionally, the digital image must be accompanied by an electronic signature that is uniquely yours, is only under your direct control and that is programmed so that any changes to the document either removes or invalidates the signature.


Kentucky land surveyor stamps must be between 1-¼” and 1-½” square. The outer edge of the stamp is one large square that contains a smaller square shape. The stamp information is contained within both squares. The second smaller square is situated towards the top of the stamp, leaving enough space between it and the outer edge for the words “State of Kentucky”. Beneath the smaller square, the words “Licensed Professional Land Surveyor” takes up three lines. Your name (as it appears on your license) is entered at the top of the small square, with the license number entered in the space below it.


You are required to include your Kentucky land surveyor stamp on any documents that you create. Your seal can also be affixed to documents that were prepared by an employee that is directly under your supervision. Regardless of which type of document that you use your seal on, you must make sure that all information contained in the report is complete and complies with all valid codes and requirements. Using your Kentucky land surveyor seal designates that you take full responsibility for all information. As such, you will be held responsible for any issues or damages that arise from the use of the documents.

You are also not permitted to affix your seal to any paperwork that someone other than yourself or someone under your supervision created, as this is a violation of Kentucky statutes.

As you can see, there are a number of requirements when using a Kentucky land surveyor stamp. By making sure you understand them, you will be protecting yourself and your career as a surveyor in Kentucky.

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