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Use of a Louisiana Engineer Seal Stamp Indicates Professionalism

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Louisiana Engineer Seal Stamp

Whether you have been a Louisiana professional engineer for quite some time or if the ink is still drying on your competency exam, you will need pocket seals, electronic seals or a heavy-duty embosser to complete your requirement for having a Louisiana professional engineer seal stamp. The road to engineering licensure can be a long and grueling process, but finding and ordering the right Louisiana professional engineer seal stamp does not have to be!

Louisiana Professional Engineering Rules and Regulations

The Louisiana Professional Engineering & Land Surveying Board has defined specific rules and regulations surrounding the use and purpose of Louisiana professional engineer seal stamps. The licensee will be bound by the rules around seal usage and possession when performing in their official capacity by the Louisiana state board. At a minimum, the Louisiana professional engineer seal stamp must contain these elements: the words “State of Louisiana”, “Professional Engineer”; the licensee’s name and license number, the discipline may be included on the stamp but this is optional.

For seal usage to be official, professional engineers or professional land surveyors must obtain a seal and firms are not eligible to be issued or possess seals.

Louisiana Engineering Stamp Requirements

In addition, all new seals are required to use the “licensed” language in lieu of the “registered” language. There are two acceptable seal sizes: the 1-⅝” Louisiana professional engineer seal stamp and a larger 2” seal. Computer-generated or rubber seals are both acceptable for your Louisiana professional engineer seal stamp in either the 1-⅝” or the 2” sizes.

Along with the application of your Louisiana professional engineer seal stamp, certain attestations are required:

  • Signature and date across the seal or directly next to your Louisiana professional engineer seal stamp
  • Certification of work is created when the licensee’s seal, signature and date are applied, indicating that the work was completed by the licensee or under his/her responsible charge
  • The licensee guarantees professional and personal responsibility for the use and control of his/her seal
  • Immediately upon discovery of loss, the incident must be reported to the Louisiana State Board by the licensee
  • In the case of loss or theft, the license number may be swiftly invalidated and the licensee issued a new license number

Self-Inking Louisana PE Stamp

Approved by the state board and comes with a free electronic seal, the Self-Inking Louisiana PE Stamp is perfect for those in the engineering field. With 6 file types included, this product guarantees to meet your state board specifications and is available in 11 ink colors. This product is excellent for repetitive stamping, with up to 5,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked, and features a replaceable internal ink pad.

Wood Handle Louisiana Professional Engineer Stamp

Our Louisiana Professional Engineer Stamp is State Board Approved! This state board-approved stamp comes with a free electronic seal, 6 file types, and is guaranteed to meet your state board specifications. It's the most economical form of stamp and uses a separate stamp pad. Perfect for industrial inks, this Louisiana Professional Engineer stamp features regular wooden handle stamps and can be used with a separate stamp pad.

Choosing a Reputable Seal Supplier

After all your hard work to obtain licensure, you want to be sure that the company you single out to design and create your Louisiana professional engineer seal stamp is one that will guarantee sanction or your professional mark from the State of Louisiana. Also important when picking a dealer for your all-important Louisiana professional engineer seal stamp are superlative service levels and nimble manufacturing processes.

At Engineer Seal Stamps.com, we take pride in being the vendor of choice for professional engineers throughout the United States. We offer popular seal and stamp choices including self-inking rubber stamps, professional engineer pocket seals, long-reach desk seals, and electronic seals (eSeals) as well as high-end options for your Louisiana professional engineer seal stamp such as gold or chrome desk seal embossers and a stunning cast iron desk seal embosser.

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