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Using the Oregon Engineer Stamp: Rules and Requirements

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Oregon Engineer Seal

The Oregon professional engineer stamp functions as an official notification to recipients that the licensed engineer takes full responsibility and ownership over the information and documentation supplied. This serves as a form of professional reassurance for the public. As a professional, you should generally have sole control of your seal and be the one preparing the majority of professional documentation. If a junior staff did the work and was closely supervised by you, the Oregon engineer’s embossing seal can be applied.

State of Oregon Engineer Seal Requirements

While each registered professional engineer practicing in the state of Oregon is required to have an Oregon engineer’s embossing seal, there are certain specifications for which items need to be sealed and which items do not.

All official documents that pertain to the professional functions of an engineer require the Oregon engineer’s embossing seal. For example, any documentation that is submitted to government or regulatory authorities about your occupation must contain your seal. Any official drawings, sketches, or specifications also require the Oregon engineer’s embossing seal.

All documents that contain engineering-related information should boast the Oregon engineer’s embossing seal as well. It is here that you must consider whether the document expresses your professional engineering opinions, whether it provides instructions based on your official judgment, or whether calculations are included. If any of these are applicable, the seal must be used. Reports which contain technical data or professional engineering direction require a signature from the licensee in tandem with the official state seal.

Engineering and Land Surveying Rubber Stamps

Even if an employer purchases a seal on your behalf, it in no way gives them legal authority over it. Each Oregon engineer’s embossing seal is designated for an individual professional and that professional alone can dictate when and where the seal is used. Employers, third parties, and clients alike have no claim over the seal. If a request is made by anyone other than yourself to affix the seal to a document, you are not legally required to do so but have full discretionary authority to determine whether you will.

What Will the Oregon Professional Engineer Stamp Look Like?

The Oregon engineer PE Stamp can come in the form of a rubber stamp or embossing seal. The Oregon state board does not have specified sizes. What is required though is the original date of licensure for the seal holder in conjunction with the name and license number of the bearer. The prefix “PE” is placed after the number, indicative of “professional engineer”. Any stamp supplier accepting responsibility for making these official seals should be aware of the regulations and requirements for Oregon.

Can this stamp fit on a self-inking stamp?

Official seals have to be a certain size and the size required for the registered professional engineer is too large for any self-inking stamp base. These stamps fit best on a regular rubber stamp or a Maxlight pre-inked professional engineer stamp.

What Products Can I Select?

Oregon provides state-licensed engineers with myriad products from which to choose for their personalized Oregon engineer’s embossing seal. For embossers, engineers can select soft seal embossers or long-reach seal embossers. There are also options for handheld seal embossers as well as extended long-reach seal embossers, desk seal embossers, or traditional embossing seals. For stamps, engineers can select pre-inked stamps or invest in the newer self-inking stamps, regular hand rubber stamps.

Maxlight Pre-Inked Stamps

The Oregon Engineering Stamp is perfect for those who want to get their engineering credential. This state board-approved stamp comes with a free electronic seal and 6 file types, including DXF, DWG, TIF, JPG, PDF, and PNG. This stamp is guaranteed to meet your state board specifications and comes in 5 ink colors. It also works in a press and print manner, which is simple to use. The most common ink color is black ink.

Wooden Handle Engineering Rubber Stamps

Looking for a professionally made Oregon Professional Engineer Seal Stamp? Luckily, we've got just the thing. Our Oregon Professional Engineer Seal Stamp is state-board-approved and comes with a free electronic seal included. Plus, it's guaranteed to meet your state board specifications. It's also the most economical form of a stamp and uses a separate stamp pad. perfect for industrial inks such as quick-drying ink or any type of permanent ink. And it features regular wooden handle stamps for easy use.

Registered Professional Engineer Digital Seals - Digital Signature

Looking for an easy and convenient way to get your documents sealed? Look no further than the Oregon Digital PE Stamp! This electronic file is a handy product that is perfect for those who need to seal their documents quickly and easily. Simply select your state from the drop-down menu, choose your desired file type, and you're all set! The default color for the electronic file is black but additional colors are available upon request. The stamp is guaranteed to meet your state board specifications and is delivered electronically within 1 business day.

Oregan Structural Engineer Requirements and Setup

If you are a person authorized to perform structural engineering work the State of Oregon has a unique setup in such a manner. The Registrant's professional title on the stamp is changed to "Structural" Engineer and has a different setup as shown below. The expiration date or renewal date is an optional component of the stamp. Sizing is standardized per the state board and it is not common practice to create reduced or enlarged seals.

When Do I Need a New Seal Embosser?

Should an Oregon engineer’s embossing seal become lost or missing the state authority must be notified immediately. The Oregon State Board expects you to maintain sole control over your seal. Should your existing seal expire or your name change, the old seal must be destroyed and a new one purchased in its place.


To maintain your Oregon Professional Engineer license promptly, you are required to have a rubber stamp. This seal must be displayed on all official final documents and must be used in the permit application process. Our selection of products allows you to find the perfect embossing seal for your needs and our team is available to help you every step of the way. Choose from a variety of hand-held, desk, or long-reach embossing seals, and make sure to get your Oregon Professional Engineer license today!

About ESS

Whether you are a registered professional engineer or a registered architect, ESS has frequent communication with your state board to make sure that we are making your official seals as required. Professional engineers need to make sure that they are choosing a vendor that will make their rubber stamp or embossing seal quickly and correctly.

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