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Vermont engineers use stamps and seals approved by the state. The specific rules and requirements for Vermont engineers are covered in this article. Vermont has many rules in common with other states and some requirements that are different from most states. A Vermont engineers stamp or seal graphic like this could be custom-made according to the rules below, but many ready-made seals and stamps that can be customized for each individual exist and are not that expensive.

State of Vermont Engineer Seals Requirements

The State of Vermont has requirements for engineers’ stamps and seals that are common to many states, and some specific rules as well. You can design a Vermont engineer’s seal or stamp that meets those requirements, or order one from several companies. All Vermont engineer's stamps and seals must have the following elements and meet these requirements

  • A diameter of not more than 1.5” is required.
  • The engineer’s discipline must be displayed below the license number – Civil for a civil engineer for example. This is a bit unusual. Consult the state of Vermont engineering page for acceptable abbreviations. Presumably, only words like “Electronic” or “Civil” or “Structural” are permitted, to avoid any confusion
  • The words “Licensed Professional Engineer” must be used. “Registered” used to be acceptable, but is no longer. Lettering must be a minimum of 1/10” high. This height specification is also a bit unusual.
  • As with most or all states, Vermont allows an electronic seal.

Correct Use Of The Vermont Professional Engineer Stamp

In Vermont, the seal or stamp must be affixed to most engineering documents: specifications, plans, and plats. All those documents must be signed and dated over the seal. A signature must also be affixed over the electronic seal. Seals may not be placed over another person’s work. This act is a breach of professional conduct and can incur a fine and/or jail time.

As with most states, Vermont requires that engineers only place their stamps or seals on their own work to certify they really were fully in charge of doing the work. A digital file, like a scanned image, will suffice for the electronic signature. You can also use software to digitally sign documents over the electronic seal.

Engineers who obtained their seals before the discipline was required to be identified do not need to buy new stamps and seals to comply with state regulations. They have been ‘grandfathered’ in. The other rules for Vermont engineers’ seals and stamps apply.

Land surveyors in Vermont are subject to the rules and design requirements listed above, with a few exceptions. The seal must contain the words “State of Vermont, Licensed Land Surveyor” in addition to the individual’s name and license number. An example of the graphic may be found on Vermont’s state website.

Get The Right Seals And Stamps for a Vermont-Licensed Professional Engineer

All professional engineers working in Vermont should have on hand a few different tools for affixing the required seals or stamps. An embosser, a rubber stamp, and an approved electronic seal should be enough. Unlike physical seals and stamps, it is possible to copy and paste an electronic seal, though probably a violation of state regulations or professional ethics.

At the very least, doing so creates extra work because the seal needs to be customized for each individual. Vermont engineers who need stamps can save time, money, and trouble by ordering stamps from ESS, which can also supply a land surveyor seal or stamp.

State of Vermont Engineer Self-Inking Stamp

The Self-Inking Vermont Professional Engineer Stamp is Board approved and features a free electronic seal. Available in 11 ink colors, this stamp is perfect for repetitive stamping – up to 5,000 impressions before re-inking! Reink or replace the internal ink pad when you need to. So make your life easier with the Self-Inking Vermont Professional Engineer Stamp from ESS! Choose your ink color and add one to your cart.

Vermont Engineer Pre-Inked Stamps

Looking for a top-quality, state-board-approved pre-inked stamp? Look no further than the Maxlight Vermont Professional Engineer Stamp! This premium pre-inked stamp comes with a free electronic seal and 6 file types included, so you can be sure it meets your specifications. Plus, it's simple to use and comes in 5 ink colors. There's no ink pad to replace - the die plate absorbs ink - and its quiet and clean stamping makes it a great choice for any office.

Handheld Vermont Engineer Seal

The Pocket Vermont Engineer Seal is great for people on the go. The professional engineer embosser offers a heavy-duty frame and precision parts for the finest impressions every time. An easy sliding lock mechanism makes for convenient handling and storage.

The Vermont engineer seal has a reach of about 1-1/2" into a sheet of paper. You will also receive a complimentary e-seal which is sent to you in email as tif, jpg, pdf and dxf files. We do offer a guarantee that our engineer stamp will meet your state specifications.

About ESS

We know that you need your Vermont professional engineer stamp right away so we ship the same day or the next business day. We understand that a professional engineer that you have tight deadlines so need your self-inking stamp quickly but also need it made to the regulations set forth by the state of Vermont.

We made all stamps based on professional regulation for your state and job type. Check out our website for add-ons such as foil stickers, ink pads, or an extra bottle of ink. There is never a min quantity when you shop with us.

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