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West Virginia Professional Embosser Stamp for Engineers

Every engineer in the state of West Virginia is required to acquire an embosser stamp or seal, at his or her own expense, in order to work in West Virginia, and this seal has to conform to the rules and regulations that are set out by the state. This is to ensure that engineers are taking responsibility for the work that they are doing.

About the Stamp

You can use either a West Virginia PE embosser stamp for engineers, or a seal. Whichever you choose to use has to comply with all the regulations outlined by the governing board. This means that the seal or stamp must be no smaller than 1-5/8" and no larger than 2". Your seal must include your name, or the name of your company as it is registered, along with the permit or registration number for your city and state. It must also include the phrase “registered professional engineer, state of West Virginia,” and any other figures or words as may be prescribed by the Engineering Board of the State of West Virginia.

How to Use the West Virginia PE Embosser Stamp or Seal

This seal or stamp is required on all plans, drawings, reports, specifications, calculations and designs. Your signature must appear adjacent to the seal or stamp. The seal or stamp and signature are used only when the work is done under your complete direction and control. If the work is done by a registrant in another state, under a temporary permit, then that registrant must use the seal from his or her state of registration, and affix the temporary permit number along with his or her signature to anything submitted.

In instances where you are responsible for checking an out-of-state registrant’s work, you have to have total control and dominion over the design. This means that you must possess the signed and sealed reproducible drawings, along with signed and sealed design calculations showing any changes.

If the designer is an intern operating under your authority, then the board will issue an enrollment card stating that the intern has been recorded and enrolled in the board office. This does not entitle the holder to operate as a professional engineer, and it against the law for that registrant to affix his or her signature to any document.

Safeguarding Your Stamp or Seal

Your West Virginia PE embosser stamp or seal is intended for your use alone. If someone else should decide to use the stamp or seal without your knowledge, you could be held liable for any problems with the work performed under your seal, even though it was without your knowledge and approval. For this reason, we suggest that you keep your seal in a safe place. If it should be lost or stolen, you must immediately notify the Board. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for any work done under that seal between the time you noticed it was missing, and the time you reported it missing.

Products Available

Engineer Seal Stamps.com offers products for professional engineers that will help them meet their legal requirements under West Virginia state law, including:

  • Soft seal embosser
  • Slim pre-inked stamp
  • Max light pre-inked stamp
  • Self-inking stamp
  • Regular hand rubber stamp
  • Handheld seal embosser
  • Long reach seal embosser
  • Desk seal embosser
  • Rubber stamp or embossing seal

More information is available at the West Virginia Board of Engineers website.

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