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What you Should Look for with North Carolina Notary Supplies

  • 4 min read
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Have you ever needed a notary? Perhaps you've had to sign an important document and needed an impartial third party to witness the event. Or maybe you've needed to certify a copy of a document. Whatever the case may be, if you live in North Carolina, you're in luck. The state of North Carolina offers a wide variety of notary supplies to meet your needs. From seals and journals to stamps, our store has everything you need to get started as a notary. Here we will look at some of the more popular notary tools available in North Carolina.

What Types Of North Carolina Notary Supplies Are Available?

Notary equipment is necessary for any North Carolina notaries to perform their duties accurately and professionally. In North Carolina, there are a few different types of notary stamps that are available for purchase.

Notary Seals - What are the options?

The most important type of notary supply is the official notary seal. This seal will be used on all documents that the notary public witnesses or certifies. The notary seal must be purchased from an authorized vendor and must meet the requirements set forth by the North Carolina Notary Commission.

Notary Journal

Does NC require notaries to keep a journal?

Another important type of notary supply is the notary journal. The notary journal is used to record all the documents that the notary public witnesses or certifies. The notary journal must be kept in a secure location and must be made available to the Notary Commission upon request. This is where you would want to record all of your notarial acts.

North Carolina Notary Stamps

The North Carolina notary stamps are another type of notary supply item that is used to mark documents that have been witnessed or certified by the notary public. The North Carolina stamps must be purchased from a reputable vendor and must meet the requirements set forth by the North Carolina Notary Commission stamp impression.

What is Required on an NC Notary Stamp?

You need to have your name as it appears on your commission certificate, your county of commission, and the state. You are permitted to put your commission expiration date on the stamp but are not required to do so.

What color ink should a notary use in North Carolina?

There is not an ink color requirement but dark colors tend to show up better especially if you need to photocopy a document.

Self Inking Stamps

A self-inking notary stamp is a great option as they are easy to use and simple to re-ink when the stamp starts to fade. It has a die plate that flips up to hit the built-in ink pad before it comes down to stamp the page. The Official Self-Inking Stamp is the perfect tool for any new notary public. State specifications are made from the notary board and the stamp is available in 11 ink colors of your choice. The simple press and print stamping make it easy to use, and the stamps are reinkable when they start running low. The inked pads are also replaceable when the ink starts running low.

Pre-Inked Notary Stamp

Pre-inked stamps use a different kind of ink. They give a darker impression and are extremely portable. This pre-inked notary stamp is the perfect option for a mobile North Carolina notary public.

North Carolina Notary Seals

The North Carolina notary round seal embosser is a type of notary supply that is used to create an impression of the notary seal on documents. The embosser must be purchased from an authorized vendor and must meet the requirements set forth by the North Carolina Notary Commission. There are several different types of embossing seals available for the North Carolina Notary Public.

Where To Find These North Carolina Notary Supplies?

Notary Tools in North Carolina can be found at many different stores. You can find them at your local office supply store, or you can order them online. Many stores that sell notary supplies also sell other office supplies, so you may want to shop around to find the best deal. When you are looking for notary supplies, you will need to make sure that you get the right supplies for your state. Each state has different requirements for notaries, so you will need to be sure that you are getting the right supplies.

You can find out what the requirements are for your state by checking with your local notary association or by searching online. Once you have the right supplies, you will need to find a place to keep them. Many people choose to keep their notary supplies in a safe place, such as a lock box or a fireproof safe. This will help to ensure that your supplies are always available when you need them and that they are protected from damage. You may also want to consider getting a notary stamp. This is not required in all states, but it can be a helpful tool. A notary stamp will help to make your work more professional and will also make it easier for people to read your documents.


As a notary public, it is important to be prepared with the proper supplies to perform your duties. North Carolina notary supplies are easy to find and relatively inexpensive.

Whether you're looking for a stamp or an embosser, you can find what you need to get the job done right.

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