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Custom Rubber Stamps FAQs

Yes, you can include any design, logo, or text on a custom rubber stamp. You will need to provide a high-resolution, black line art image of your logo when ordering.
The size of the custom rubber stamp depends on the chosen type and brand, but there are many options available to fit your needs. The largest self-inking stamp is 1-½" x 3”. The largest pre-inked stamp is a 3” x 4” size. We offer rubber stamps that use a separate ink pad in even larger sizes and those can be made up to an 8” x 10” size.
Custom rubber stamps can be used on various surfaces like paper, cardboard, fabric, and other porous surfaces. If you plan to use the stamp on a non-porous surface, you will need to use a regular wooden handle stamp with a specialty ink such as quick drying ink for mylar. It is still best to use a custom stamp on a hard flat surface.
With proper use and care, custom rubber stamps can last for many years.
Most of our custom stamp orders ship within 1-2 business days.
Yes, all our custom stamp orders are placed online.
This will vary based on the type of stamp that you have. All our self-inking stamp and regular rubber stamps are made using laser engraved rubber. For this type of rubber, you can stamp cleaner or a basic glass cleaner to remove ink build up, be sure to dry the stamp completely after cleaning.
A self-inking stamp comes with an ink pad built-in to the stamp unit, while a traditional stamp requires an additional ink pad.
No, we only offer single color ink pads.
Yes, our self-inking and pre-inked stamps can be re-inked when the ink runs low.
The shape of your custom rubber stamp impression will depend on your personal preference, the design of your text or logo and the design of your stamp. Common shapes include round, rectangular, and square.
A rubber stamp is a tool used for printing an image or text onto paper or other surfaces. It typically consists of a rubber plate attached to a handle. You will need a separate ink pad to make a stamped impression.
The type of rubber stamp you choose will depend on your specific needs. Consider factors such as the frequency of use, the size and complexity of the design, and the type of ink needed when selecting a stamp.
To use a rubber stamp, you will need to apply ink to the stamp plate and then press it onto the paper or other surface. The stamp should leave a clear and legible impression. It is always best to stamp on a hard, flat surface.
To choose the right size for your rubber stamp, consider the space available on the object you'll be stamping, and the level of detail needed in the design. Measure the area and select a stamp size that fits comfortably within those dimensions
A custom rubber stamp can save time and effort by allowing you to quickly mark documents, envelopes, and other items with your desired text or image. They also offer a professional touch to your branding and marketing efforts.
To order a custom rubber stamp, you will typically first select the stamp size and style, then provide the design or text you want on the stamp, and finally submit your order online.
When choosing the design for your custom rubber stamp, consider the purpose of the stamp and the information you want to include. You can choose to include your company logo, name, address, or other text.